Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Message from a Tanker

Yesterday, something happened. I don't really know what or why. The news says that 86 young men went to start their service for the IDF and refused order to join the tank division. This is pretty much unheard of.

A few refuse each time - for one of two reasons, typically. Either, they want a more prestigious unit, want something harder, or they want something considered easier. Some want a more dangerous combat role; others don't want combat at all.

The army tries. It tests the man that comes to them and listens to the boy inside as well. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes a boy comes, all pumped up from talk with his friends, and tries out for a unit beyond his abilities - and sometimes the army catches on and forces him down; and sometimes they don't catch on and the boy moves forward.

And then months can pass and the boy succeeds or months pass, and the boy fails.

And sometimes, the unit is full and so they take their next best guess and sometimes the boy doesn't like it and the parents are mad that he didn't get what he wants.

Sometimes, they look at the boy and see all the physical problems he has had since birth, a rough birth and early childhood until a loving family took him in and filled his life with love and support. But the army looks at the boy and the disabilities and scars not remain, not the champion he has become. They think they are being kind by offering to release him without having to serve and he fights.

He goes around and gets qualified doctors and army officers and volunteers to say he is stronger than he looks in body; that his mind and soul are determined. He will fight the army...and they look into his eyes and forget the limp he walks with, the body that will never be totally normal and they agree. Fight, they tell him...they let him...and he does.

And sometimes, they look into the boy and say, fight, we will let you...and the boy doesn't want to. He doesn't want to be in a combat unit despite the gift of a body strong. He doesn't want to be in tanks because he says society looks down on tanks...

And, in some cases, the army allows female soldiers into a unit and a religious boy comes and says, I'll fight, but not in a unit with females. I won't carry the extra load - because that is what happens. Girls, women, are every bit as smart as men but they aren't physically stronger. A man can lift those heavy artillery shells; most women can't.

And a tank is a very close and closed environment and when you are in close quarters, there is a lot of physical contact and no, they don't want this. They want to fight, but not like this.

And so, for whatever reason, 86 soldiers came and said to the army - no, we won't.

And the army was surprised. It happens - perhaps more often than you can imagine. As a show of force, the army says - accept and follow orders or we will punish you.

And the soldier either gives in, or says - then punish me.

And the army looks around and says again, we'll really punish you. We'll put you in jail for a month. We'll take your phone and you won't go home.

And the soldier either gives in, or says - then punish me.

Yesterday, this is what happened for 86 new soldiers. And the army started their punishment. Who will break first - the soldiers or the army - is anyone's guess.

Perhaps their complaints are legitimate; perhaps they are not. But one soldier, one "tanker" - one honorable soldier from the tank division is angry...angry, and proud, and spread this message:

The soldier writes:

I'm not usually one that posts [to Facebook] but in the aftermath of 86 soldiers refusing to join the tank division, I could not keep quiet.

It is a great honor to serve the most powerful division in the ground forces. I am proud to be in the Armored Corps. I'm in the tank to fight (and win). Feel free to share.

And so I do - kudos to this soldier and every soldier who fights for Israel - all of them...

...those in the tank division.

...those in artillery, my oldest son and all of his brothers in Totchanim.

...those in the Kfir ground forces, my middle son and all those who served in Kfir - Chaim, BZ, and others.

...and all those who serve and served in youngest son, David, my oldest adopted son Yakov, and so many others.

...and those in the Air Force.

...and those who jump from planes and in between, like the others, work to protect this land.

...and those who man the Iron Dome system and shoot down missiles as they come towards our cities

...and those in the Intelligence units who keep our combat soldiers and our entire country safe.

...and those in the support units - those who monitor the borders, those who keep the bases stocked and safe. Those who drive and cook, those who handle the communications, those who monitor our enemies.

...and those who sing and entertain our troops, those who feed them, who launder the clothes they wear, those who stock the supplies.

...and those who help the commanders and officers so that they can focus on watching over this land.

...and those who watch our skies and those who endlessly help our soldiers by watching over their families.

...and those who rush to families when their soldiers are hurt...or worse.

...and those who stay in the lives of bereaved families, after those other soldiers brought them the worst of all news and hen quietly disappeared.

...and all those I can't or forgot to mention.

Kudos to you all - you are our present and our future and we thank you for your service.

And to the 86 - do what you must, but make sure in following your conscience, even your religious convictions, please make it clear, to serve this country in any capacity - to serve is to honor and we honor you in return.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Why Can't You Understand?

Or maybe the question is how can you possibly understand the horror of watching your land burn? It is an open wound you don't forget for a moment, a thought that stays in your mind as you go about your day.

The horror of what is happening is there.

My daughter posted this video and I thought - there, that's it...that's the horror of it. If you really want to understand what it is like...freeze the video and look at the city in front of the mountain. Imagine that you live in that city with the beautiful view of the mountains gently climbing beside the city. Imagine your house is right there...

Now run the video and as you watch in twenty seconds what took an hour to film, imagine for a moment, sitting before you window watching as the mountain is consumed with flames. Imagine the smells that come and the thought that maybe you should take your children from their beds, pack up the photo albums that can never be replaced. Your wedding album, the baby clothes you put away hoping to give to grandchildren not yet born because they were once worn by your babies. The new shirt you bought just last week.

Imagine looking at the silver spoons that come from your grandmother. You need to take them too. If your house would go on fire, the heat would be enough, surely, to melt them to nothing. The albums, the laptop computer you got last year. You have to take it. The mixer you bought last year...the one you use every week. You can't take it. You can't take the treadmill you bought last year, it's took big and really, don't you wish you'd used it more? Will it be there when you come back?

As you look around, the police come and knock on your door. You have to leave now, they tell you. You stare at him and he tells you not to worry. They'll watch the house for you. You want to laugh. Watch the house? Will you watch it burn? But there is nothing the man can do. His job is to get you out of here. There are others, up there on the mountain, fighting the flames back.

You can't think of them now or you'll break. You need to take the children and the albums, the can't leave the spoons...and the blanket your grandmother made. Your jewelry, her necklace that your mother gave you, your ring you only wear when you go out...the passports. Your driver's license. The extra set of keys. Keys to a house that might not be here when you come back. What else?

Oh God, what else can you take in the minutes you have? You look out the window...the glow is brighter, larger. Why does it seem closer? You need to call your sister, your mother. Your mother-in-law. The have to take the dog.

You get it all together. You;re ready to walk out of the house, not sure it will be there when you come back. You take your sleeping children from their beds, wrap them in blankets and carry them to the car. They'll never remember this night, no matter how it ends. You'll never forget it, no matter how it ends.

How long have you lived there? Will you lose all there is? What else should you have taken? You can smell the fire. You buckle your kids into the car. The trunk is stuffed. And you realize that all that is precious is there and all that you left behind...isn't worth your lives.

You drive to the end of the block. To the right is the mountain, on fire. You join a long line of departing cars. The children have gone back to sleep. You turn to the left, to life, and drive away. Did you take the spoons? What about the matching fork? It was in the dishwasher, now left behind. You can't go back...only forward. Forward to safety. Out of the smoke, away from the flames...even if the flames follow you.

And all over Israel, you know this scene is happening again and again because as high as the mountains are, that's how much they hate us. You can't put out the fire of their hatred and so all you can do is focus on life. What they burn, we will rebuild. What they destroy, we will recreate.

A time lapse video by Noam Armonn Noam Armonn Time Lapse Photography:


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Painful Statistics

You can track the pain of my country by the statistics on my blog.

The first time I noticed a spike was days into the first time Elie went to war. I was getting tons more comments (and hits) than ever before. I got to ten or eleven thousand hits a day and thought to myself, hey, all I have to do is have a son in a war...forget that. I was thrilled when the hits dropped back to normal...a few hundred more people per day, that I could handle.

The next time there was a spike, I wasn't as surprised. Elie was in another war and again, I prayed for normal.

The third time, Elie was next to be called in, but Israel was fighting, the south was again under bombardment, and people were flocking to the site.

And now, once again - over 5,000 people today, and the day according to my US-based server is only half over. They say that statistics and traffic and visits and hits are important for a website.

I guess if you're trying to make a lot of money, that's true but if you just want peace and quiet...less is so much more.

I'll give up the fires, the stoning attacks and more...thank you for visiting my site, really but I don't need 10,000 people a day to come country needs peace. We need the fires to end.

Don't go away - but help please. Pray - pray for peace for Israel; pray for the families who have lost their homes. Pray for the wounded, the frightened.

Pray for the firefighters and the troops who are out there.

Pray for my son, and all the sons and daughters of Israel.

Pray for peace.

Fire Fighting Planes in the Sea (Video) and a Warning

I saw this video - watched it twice and

And then I posted it to Facebook...and others

Except for one very funny man named David who wrote, "PSA - don't go scuba diving in the next few days - you might end up in a forest!     (PSA=Public Service Announcement)

And I laughed...not for the first time in a week, but pretty darn close. We are all hoping the tide has turned and that the fires, now under control, will be stopped soon. I'm scared that the Palestinians thought they accomplished something...they did - they destroyed close to 2,000 homes, forced 100,000 people from their homes, destroyed 130,000 dunams. But they also failed because once again, they united Israel into one people, determined, angry, dedicated. Massive donations are pouring in to help the families, communities are organizing, homes are being offered, government organizations are allocating immediate funds. People are donating clothes, toys, furniture...

We will rebuild...but in the meantime, maybe David's right, be careful where you go scuba diving!


New York Times - J'Accuse

Dear New York Times,
I accuse you of dishonest reporting, of fraudulently manipulating facts. I accuse you of inhumanity, cruelty, of intentionally misguiding to your readers. I accuse you of causing pain. I accuse you of demeaning the very definition of journalism. You have failed to report "all the news that's fit to print" by hiring and supporting self-proclaimed journalists who use the platform you give them to spread lies and inaccuracy.
One Israeli

Could it be that the New York Times has failed to report over 400 fires burning in Israel? Missed the fact that over 130,000 dunams of land have been destroyed, almost 2,000 homes destroyed or damaged. Have you missed the fact that last week almost 100,000 people were evacuated? This was the question we asked a few days ago. Now, we ask a different one; now we wish you had continued your failures because the reports, when they finally happened, are even worse than the omission.

Days later, it seems you might have almost caught up - you host a video on the fires. You show a restaurant owner in Haifa who lost his much-loved restaurant - perhaps because he makes a point of mentioning how many have offered to help, including Palestinians and the accusation of arson is hidden in terms of "someone said that maybe it was caused by someone throwing a pipe bomb" in the forest.

Yes, yes, you have to put that special angle on everything you report...but okay. What else is in the coverage you finally give? No, no numbers. That would be too much - to tell people of the evacuated, the wounded, the acres and acres of land deliberately burned, the homes destroyed.

A mother caught with a child in the car - that was decent reporting. The scenes are indeed horrific and kudos to you for showing the horror of a city on fire. Terrifying for a mother to have to contemplate where her child would be a car surrounded by fires and smoke and stuck in a traffic jam as thousands try to flee, or going on foot, out there in the smoke?

So you had to spin this story of a nation under attack, didn't you?

Well, you certainly couldn't speak to the Israeli police or army - they would tell you about dozens of arsonists already arrested.

They would tell you of the evidence they have collected; the videos showing people...Arabs, Palestinians setting fires.

They would show you villages burned, houses destroyed. Hundreds of people huddled together in a shelter waiting for word on whether their homes had been destroyed.

So you couldn't show them, you couldn't talk to them..."what to do?" as my children used to say when they were young.

What can the New York Times do when all evidence proves a massive wave of "pyro-terrorism" has been launched by Palestinians against the very land they claim they love? What to do?

So, you interview someone from "civil defense."

No, not an Israeli one, of course not. But a Palestinian, one who speaks of how THEY have gotten more than 100 messages from their fire fighters that they are READY to share in fighting the fires in Haifa and Jerusalem. Seriously?
And you let the man continue with the lies...

"This kind of fire needs a lot of time to try to investigate before going to identify the direct reason."

Really? Why don't you just ask the dozens of suspects we arrested for setting them? Israel has proved way more than half are direct arson attacks - in some cases, fires starting in FOUR locations surrounding a village - at the same time. A lot of time? It takes minutes.

"Forty-two percent," says the Palestinian chief of mis-information, "is coming from people, you know, people throwing cigarettes."

Cigarettes don't explode a forest in minutes, nor do they start four separate fires on three sides of a village simultaneously.

"Twenty-five percent," the moron continues, "of the fire cases is coming from the playing of children." I guess if you call men in their twenties and thirties children, you might be right. I guess if you call adolescents bent on destruction and murder "children," you may be right.

"The rest of the percentage," because clearly he knows who started all our fires," is coming from all the reasons of the fire, that's including electricity."

Well, this one hits close to home because on Shabbat, Elie was designated as an ambulance driver and David was his volunteer and they were called to a fire in our city. A building's electric system sparked and several apartments were damaged and 12 people injured.

But...but...this fire isn't being counted in the four hundred attacks in the last few days, of which over 200 have been confirmed as arson already.

And then the insult from this obnoxious and ignorant man. He wants to tell the world this is the second big fire we have had in 6 years - never mind that the last one was set by a two Arab brothers from Usfiya who were arrested for negligence which caused fire (police were unable to prove arson as they can in so many cases here).

He says, "they [Israelis] should build the capacity to try to stop these kinds of risks." I guess we should take his advice. Perhaps a large wall, a security wall would suffice. Perhaps from every village that harbors an attacker, we should demand compensation.

The current estimate of damage is well over 500 million shekels. Perhaps the New York Times could ask Mahmoud Abbas to issue us a check, though I think we prefer cash. Yes, that's right - cash from Abbas and an apology from The New York Times.

Following is one video: the narrator explains how the Arabs light the fire and then calmly walk back to their village, unconcerned that they have just committed a crime. He explains that an Israeli car comes by, stops and calls for help and that the Arabs clearly don't know what they are doing. They set the fire in a place unlikely to cause much damage.  It is sheltered from the wind and more, they set it among olive trees, which are extremely hard to burn...

The Glory of YouTube...You'll Never Believe

You'll never believe what you can find on YouTube...I went searching for something specific. Still haven't found it yet, but found these and am enjoying the search.

First up, is a video of Obama rushing up the steps of AirForce One and then turning around and telling Bill Clinton to hurry up. The plane is on the tarmac in Israel. They have just finished attending the funeral of Shimon Peres and Obama clearly wants to get out of here. And there goes Bill, talking to the Israelis, thanking them, saying goodbye and Obama, not bothering to even pretend friendship...

And then there was this one...this is what you call "damning someone with faint praise" - some nice compliments, with lousy explanations and some downright manipulations to see Israel in a negative are my warnings/comments to consider as you watch her tell you about what life is really like in Israel (and when you are done, please see this post I made years ago about what life is actually like in Israel. (Video below the comments)

Another incorrect and slanted report by Network Seeker...a few examples: The country shuts down to rest to celebrate the Jewish Sabbath - well, yeah, some do - as I do but there's nothing resting in Tel Aviv.

But, more accurately, every country in the world has a weekend and you don't attribute it to religious why do you suggest that because OUR weekend is Friday and Saturday, instead of Saturday and Sunday, that WE are coerced by religion? You'll be hard-pressed to find public transportation but if you can afford it, you can hop in a taxi? Seriously? 

And what life is like in Israel has to include the fact that some buildings have Shabbat elevators which, the blonde lady MUST point out, in convenient for some but a hassle for everyone else. Amazing! Male and female Israelis are required to serve in the military for 2 and 3 years respectively - well, you got that's actually 3 and 2 years if you want to go respectively...and as of a few months ago, it's less than three years for the boys (I should know, since my youngest son is now in the army). 

Wailing air-raid sirens going off multiple times a day? Um...okay, but you might want to get your hearing checked. 

You'll see three meter deep holes so that if you come across a bomb you can throw it in there? OMG, that's hysterical! I've never seen a three meter hole, never come across a bomb and sure as hell, wouldn't pick it up and drop it in a hole, if I did see one!

Family is important in Israel and staying in touch with your family is highly valued - and that would be true but the picture they show is an ultra-orthodox man surrounded by about 20 male children - another manipulation. We actually do have women in our families and give birth to female children as often, or nearly as often as we do male children. 

And our openness to speak about how we are doing with our families and going through a divorce has led us to be a nation of entrepreneurs? How the hell did she make that transition?

Friday, November 25, 2016

Attempted Mass Murder in Israel

Last night, Palestinians set four fires around the small mountain village of Beit Meir - including one to block the exit of this isolated place perched high on the mountains as you climb towards Jerusalem. It's a beautiful, stunning area, surrounded by forest and green. Or it was.

Last night, Palestinians set four fires...designed to trap and murder a small village.

Last night, our brave and exhausted firefighters fought their way through the horror of intentional pyro-terrorism - a fancy word the doesn't really show the magnitude of almost 200 people injured, 75,000 people evacuated from their homes, more than 550 apartments and homes damaged or destroyed, old age homes evacuated, 90 year old people moved on stretchers, a 100 year old person hurried through the smoke.

They come to a motorcyclist on the road and scream to him, "get out of here, get out of here, get out of here."

They stop because they are blocked by the fire. "I don't see the road on the right. Do you see it?" asks the driver.

"Stop, stop," they hear on the radio.

"We're standing here," they answer.

Last night...they tried to murder. Last night...while you slept, while I slept...last night.

Israel's Fires from a Personal Perspective

I'm sitting safely in my home. So far, relatively far from any threat of fires. At most, there is a slight smell in the air, a slight darkening in the sky from distant smoke to remind me...if a reminder was needed. I have no right to offer a personal perspective...yet, and hopefully not at all.

But, as this is my blog, I guess of all places, this is where I"m allowed to offer my meandering thoughts. So...I have a friend, a wonderful, kind man who recently retired and is now looking forward to, God willing, many healthy, happy years with his family. And late last night, an hour or two after the Minster of Internal Security announced all fires were under control, my friend was told to evacuate his fire had reached the edge of the village and as with all of the more than 100 fires that were burning all over Israel, the authorities were taking no chances. He came on Facebook to write that he and his wife were waiting to register where they were going so that people could contact them and then they would leave, not knowing what they would find when they return.

I didn't ask him what he took with him but I looked around my house and wondered. What is most precious beyond our lives...I can't even begin to think of that. Of the beautiful wood china cabinet we brought with us from America...the one we bought shortly after our marriage from my husband's uncle's store, of the beautiful grandfather clock I bought because I had fallen in love with a similar clock in the office where I worked and, contrary to what my boss said about shutting off the chimes, I enjoyed them for twenty years before they stopped chiming (have got to try to get that fixed!).

Of the beautiful bedroom set we finally bought after 29 years of marriage...and a whole life we have built. Pictures spread all over the long would it take me to collect all the albums, the box of pictures I haven't yet had a chance to put into albums?

Other friends have evacuated as well. Yaakov's family is north of the fires and his home is safe but I was shaking at the thought of them being so close. Before I could even say anything, Elie called and asked them to come here; then I called...and they are coming and I'm so grateful I don't have to worry about them over the coming Shabbat.

The coming Shabbat...Davidi was supposed to be home yesterday. I waited, planned out a special roast dinner because he missed it the first and only time I ever made it. So it has been defrosted since yesterday and I'm cooking it today...only Davidi didn't come home because the army has canceled the weekend leave for whole units in case they need more manpower. The cancellation so far was for last night. This morning, he is awaiting orders to see if he can leave. It will take him hours to arrive, if he can even get out.

They've given this latest intifada, this intentional burning of people's homes and our land, a name. It is called "pyroterrorism."

I don't care what you call it; I just want it to stop. People say that there is a reason for terrorism, a justification that people use to try to explain. They're poor, they're deprived. They just want...whatever the hell they just want. They're oppressed (not by us, but never mind). All they want is a good life and Israel is stopping, no, we are enabling them that life when they drive on the roads we build, send their children to the schools we fund, use our medical system to treat all that ails them, and so much more. They, and I'm not talking only about the regular Palestinian population, most of whom DO want peace and quiet, but even those who are against our country - they live here and take full advantage of the wonders that are this country, and then they celebrate as people try to destroy it.

A few days ago, I sat next to an Arab woman on the light rail train in Jerusalem and as she skimmed down her Facebook feed, I shamelessly watched. Tons of pictures of clothes (no idea why since her feed was in Arabic) and then, a map of Israel with a huge boot coming to stomp on my country. Again, no clue what the Arabic said...and then she continued to scroll until she got to an item she read more carefully. I recognized the picture. It was one of several similar ones in the past few months. It was the picture of a dead Arab on the ground, blood on his shirt. He had attempted to stab soldiers at a check point and was shot. And I will admit, having seen the image of the boot coming down on my land, my first thought was "karma."

Somehow, I guess we have grown accustomed to the attempts to stab us, ram us, explode next to us. shoot and axe us. Well, not accustomed to it, but less shocked by it. And so, the deepest personal perspective I can offer is simply this.

There are some unmovable foundations to all that is Israel.

Our soldiers - we may disagree on so much, but when it comes to our soldiers, we unite without hesitation. Yesterday morning, a young soldier was killed in a training accident and our nation mourned.

Our faith - we have all levels of observance in this land, really. But when we see a firefighter come out of an endangered synagogue holding a Torah, we do not hesitate in our gratitude.

Jerusalem - don't mess with our capital. If you want to understand Israelis, understand that Jerusalem is our heart, a holy and divine gift and that isn't going to change. It's been a constant for 3,000 years; the place Jews have turned to during more than 2,000 years of exile and the place we turn to three times a day, each day, every day now that we are home.

Our land - whatever our borders are, were, or will be, this is our land. They have attacked our soldiers, our faith, Jerusalem and our land in the past but I can't remember a time when they set so many fires, so maliciously, so dangerously.

The anger at what they have destroyed will come. For now, there is pain. Pain when we look at the burned forests that took so long to grow, agony when we look at the homes destroyed.

I want this to stop. I have written this before and I will write it again. I have hated people and ideas. I have felt that things were unfair and needed to be changed. I have never stabbed anyone, never even lifted a weapon to threaten. I have never started a fire meant to destroy the homes and lives of others or endanger their lives.

Terrorism, and this is terrorism - the intentional destruction of homes and lives and land - this terrorism cannot be justified and those who celebrate it have no right to live here, to use our roads and hospitals or even breathe the smoke-filled air of this land I love.

They are attacking the very roots of who we are as a people. There is nothing more basic here than the land.

Please God, bring rain. It is You who control all, not the weathermen. Please God, if they won't stop, please help us to stop the fires (and please let Davidi come home for Shabbat).

Latest Map of Arson Attacks in Israel (Nov 24: 11:30 p.m.)

Reports that another village in the north has been evacuated; the fire that burned out of control for hours seems to have once again flared's going to be a long, hard, cold night for our firefighters.

Over 200 of the fires have already been confirmed to have been arson attacks (evidence found to prove this and in some cases the arsonist-terrorists were arrested).

Hat tip to Alan Silver for the news updates and map!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Israel in a Picture

Do you want to understand Israel at this moment? It's here in this picture. We are rushing to save all that is precious to us. We are under attack. Hundreds of fires have been started. More than 50%, over 200 fires, have already been confirmed as arson. They are calling it the Fire Intifada.

Fire fighters are going door to door in apartment buildings to make sure no one is inside. Someone runs up to them and tells them there is a woman in an apartment - and the camera shows them running to the apartment.

Now look at this picture. They are saving people, trying to save homes...and something more. The essence of what we are will not be burned in these fires of hate.

And so, in addition to saving what homes we can, what lives we must, here's a picture of firefighters who went into a synagogue and saved the Torah scrolls.

If you want to understand Israel - look at this picture. For thousands of years, we have survived because we are grounded, centered, sheltered and loved by our God and by our land. And because we love our God and we love our land.

Years ago, a silly song attempted to suggest that the people of Gaza were fighting against an unjust war that was waged against them...after they fired hundreds of rockets at us within a few days...but never mind the facts.

I remember one line in that song: "You can burn all our homes and our schools and our mosques, we will not go down in Gaza tonight." Well, they did go down, of course. They went down because the war they started was one of aggression and hate. The schools and mosques were filled with weapons; the homes used to shelter terrorists.

But tonight I can tell them - you can burn all our homes and our schools and our synagogues, but we will not go down in Israel tonight, or tomorrow, or next week, or next year, or next century and beyond.

We won't go down because the war you started will fall before the love and kindness happening in this country at this moment. Our schools are opening to welcome evacuees, our homes will open as well. Our heroes will fight to stop the fires and you know what, they'll take the time to rescue the Torah scrolls that contain our faith, our dedication, the promise God made to us to give us this land. It's all written there, all protected.

This is Israel. On the news, the firefighters look exhausted. More volunteers are pouring into the area. The fires are under control; security forces are on alert and have caught some of the terrorists.

Israel in a picture? One of our heroes saving a part of our heritage.

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