Monday, July 28, 2014

Don't Say that Hamas Are Animals...

God Bless America...As Millions Bless Israel!

There are no words I can add to this - other than thank you!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Old Video - but very special

On their way into Gaza - a tank crew says the Traveler's Prayer - a prayer we say when embarking on a trip...a prayer for blessings of safety and success and a safe return...

How Gaza Chose a Tunnel over a School....and....

It's hard to believe that a caring government would choose to build a weapon, an attack tunnel over dozens of schools, mosques, homes and medical centers. Oh wait, we're not talking about a caring government, we're talking about Hamas. Never mind....

Attempted Terror Attack on Jerusalem Light Rail

Of all the things I have never wanted to do or see, a terror attack is quite high on the list.

At approximately 4:30 p.m. today, I was riding on the second car of the Jerusalem light rail train, heading towards Ammunition Hill (Givat HaTachmoshet). As it arrived at Damascus Gate, as far as I know, the only stop where guards are required to wear bullet-proof vests, passengers got off and on, and then suddenly there was a loud disturbance in the back of the rail car in which I was riding.

Everyone starting running forward, a few people were yelling. The doors at the front had already closed. As I looked to the rear, I saw a small cloud of smoke and heard noise coming from outside. Just to the side of the train station platform, I saw very little other than what looked like an attempt by several people to converge on something or someone while there was more yelling both outside and in the train.

The doors to the train closed. People were trying to understand what was happening. Those that had been in the back explained that an Arab had pulled out tear gas and started spraying it and then, as the doors were about to close and people were trying to get away, he ran out onto the platform and presumably beyond.

People attempted to hail the driver, who it seems ignored all signals of distress. A slight amount of the tear gas drifted forward enough to give a slight feeling of it in the air. The train moved to the next stop where many people got out. Someone hailed security. They came into the train and made everyone go to the first car. I can only hope they checked the train before it began to move.

The next stop was the same, and then we arrived at Ammunition Hill where the train was checked again.

The reaction of the people on the train was a combination of anger and shock. As terror attacks go, it was, I know, a minor event. It could have been so much worse - in fact, it is in and of itself a gift and a miracle that it wasn't worse. It could have been a bomb - there was no security person on the train with us and we were, for all intents and purposes, prisoners within a rail car that was shut down with a threat inside the car.

My hands shook as I called Shmulik to see where he was and as I called Davidi was making his way home at the same time. I wanted to tell him not to take the train, but to catch a bus, so he would not have to go through the Damascus Gate stop. He was already on the bus, so I didn't tell him about the tear gas until later.

Life is full of what could have been and it helps to focus on what was. What was, was an act of hate intended to harm, if not permanently, than at least to cause discomfort. No one would allow us to say that Arabs cannot ride the light rail - they would accuse us of apartheid behavior and so, each day, tens of thousands of Arabs go on the light rail to get to work, to school, to shop, and for medical appointments at some of the finest hospitals in the Middle East.

Many Arabs abused that privilege when they attacked the light rail stations in their neighborhoods, burning down the stations and ticketing machines, defacing the structures with graffiti that read "Death to Israel; Death to the Jews." For weeks, they have been stoning the train - so many of the windows on these clean and relatively new rail cars are shattered. The train bears these marks with stoic dignity as it travels along the route planned by some stupid city planner who forgot to take into account violence and security requirements.

And today, about 40 people were subjected to an attempted terror attack...or perhaps it was like the rockets they fire at us just a minute ago, an hour ago, and throughout this day and the last 20 days. I have always said, just because the rocket misses, doesn't mean it isn't a terror attack.

Just because a few of us probably have scratchy throats, and a few people complained of burning eyes rather than more serious injuries, doesn't mean it wasn't a terror attack.


ABC Fails to Report the News

In today's world of social media, anyone can report the news and usually faster than most journalists. People on the ground will tell you what is happening from the moment it happens; who needs a journalist to just report what others have already said.

We here in Israel know that the ceasefire has collapsed. It collapsed because Hamas broke it by firing rockets.  If the only thing that a journalist has to report is that the ceasefire has collapsed, why bother? We're way ahead of you on that one, ABC.

So what does a journalist have to offer in this world of instant news created onsite by non-journalists - citizen journalists, if you will. The answer should be perspective. The answer should be insight. The answer should never be inaccuracies and it should never be the agenda of the media itself.

Sadly, that is what is happening repeatedly in this war. News agencies are showing their preference and that is to report (usually misreport) the sensational.

Yes, Israel announced that it was resuming attacks, but the second part of ABC's tweet is malicious and inaccurate. No, our resuming attacks on Gaza was a direct result of Gaza's "resuming" attacks on us during a ceasefire. That action - GAZA firing on Israeli cities, ended the temporary ceasefire.

Joan Rivers...Subtle She's Not

No, not subtle, but she says what so many of us want to say. We want to look at the media and call them idiots for the stupid questions they ask.

Joan Rivers...thank you!

WHO broke the ceasefire?

I'll give you a wasn't fact...

Terrorism...Simply, Clearly, Without Question...Terrorism

Cleared for Publication

Statement from Israel Police Spokesperson:

Israel Border Police stop car loaded with explosives on its way to a terror attack.

Israel Border policemen stopped a suspected car this morning (Sunday) near Beitar Illit. The policemen noticed the driver behaving strangely and ordered him to shut off his engine. After the drive hesitated, one of the policemen reached into the car to turn off the engine, and the drive started driving with the policemen half in the car.
After a few meters, the policeman managed to draw his weapon, aim it at the suspect and order him to stop, The suspect stopped the car and was arrested, and handed over the the Shabak for interrogation.
The car was checked by Israeli police bomb squads and in it were gas balloons and pipe bombs filled with explosives. Large forces arrived at the area to neutralize the bomb.

The Emotions of War

Fear is having your elderly parents driving to a doctor's appointment and being responsible for calling them to take cover from Hamas rockets. Fear is getting a phone call from your son that there had been a rocket attack on your parents' city, but for some reason, the web application didn't ring in my office. Fear is hearing the rocket hit an open field, just one of many rockets that breaks the ceasefire we agreed to honor. Fear is not knowing where your child is when a siren indicating a missile has been fired at you begins all around you.

Bewilderment is trying to understand how the UN can condemn us while ignoring Hamas breaking ceasefire after ceasefire. It is the endless wonder why journalists from major media outlets like BBC fall, again and again, for fake pictures coming from Syria as the publish them with captions saying they are from Gaza. Bewilderment is what we feel when we are doing our best to avoid civilian casualties; they are doing their best to cause civilian casualties, and we are the ones asked why so many are dying. Bewilderment is looking at the clear and overwhelming pattern of a list of 600 Palestinian dead.

Anger is knowing as you sit in Jerusalem, your elderly parents are running to take shelter from Gaza rockets. Anger is knowing that we have lost more soldiers; that more civilians have been hurt in a war we did not start. Anger is knowing that we are showing tremendous restraint. That at any moment, we could give in to the anger, surrender to the worldwide condemnations and do exactly what they are accusing us of doing. No, we are NOT committing genocide, but we could simply by doing what Gaza is attempting to do. They are firing countless rockets - probably close to 3,000 by now, at our cities. If we were to fire 3,000 rockets indiscriminately at Gaza, it would be rubble from the northern most point to the southernmost point.

Love is the feeling coming from all over Israel. We can't do enough to help each other in these difficult times. All over Israel, people are collecting toys for the children in southern areas; food and necessary items for the soldiers. El Al has flown parents of wounded soldiers in for free and flown to Turkey to bring our stranded citizens home.

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