Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Artillery Jokes

Joking is a part of life, humor a way of dealing with what life deals out to each of us. Today, we heard our first "artillery" joke.

What happens when a paratrooper makes a mistake?
Answer: He dies.

What happens when an artillery man makes a mistake?
Answer: A paratrooper dies.

No, thinking of the real meaning of these words isn't funny - and yet, it shows in the way of things, how my son is already beginning to identify with the artillery corps. It is part of who he will be and, God willing, years from now, it will be another label he will carry with him along with the town in which he grew up, the school and year he graduated, what college he might attend, and the unit in which he served.

Time flies as the days draw nearer and as we wind down the celebration of my daughter's wedding, the focus turns more and more to Elie's entering the army.

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