Sunday, January 17, 2010

@IDFinHaiti - IDF on Twitter in Haiti

Among the many things Israel did right in its Haiti rescue effort, was to begin a Twitter account where it explains for those willing to listen, the amazing work our people are doing there. Here are some of the posts:

@IDFinHaiti 30% of patients @ #IDF field hospital in #Haiti in critical condition, 50% moderately injured, 20% lightly wounded

@IDFinHaiti Video of #IDF team rescuing 52 yr old man from rubble in #Haiti:

@IDFinHaiti #IDF field hospital in #Haiti treating 2 severely injured, 9 moderately injured, 16 lightly, 9 already released

@IDFinHaiti The #IDF field hospital in #Haiti has treated 96 patients, released 58, 38 patients in recovery and performed 8 surgeries

@IDFinHaiti Coordination 2 set up #IDF field hospital completed yesterday. midday 2day will begin treating 100s of patients #Haiti

@IDFinHaiti #IDF teams in #Haiti include search&rescue units, pop service experts, security detail and canine handlers

And the most precious of all:

@IDFinHaiti: 2:30 am #Haiti time, 8 mo. pregnant woman came to #IDF field hospital, gave birth to boy, named him #Israel

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