Sunday, April 11, 2010

The IDF over Auschwitz

This is an amazing video in so many ways...I have yet to watch it without tears in my eyes:


Shanah said...

Thank you so much for this video.

Lady-Light said...

I am posting this video on my blog, and linking yours.
Thank you for the reminder; it does not feel the same, outside of Israel...

Ann said...

Thanks for this beautiful video

Usydgirl said...

Thank you so much, beautiful lady :)

Cathrine said...

I’m not Jews, but still the video made my eyes tear up. Just thinking about what was going on in Auschwitz sends shivers down my spine. For some reason I started to think of my grandfather. Thank God he wasn’t sent to Auschwitz. He was pushed into a car by the Germans when he was walking down the street and then he was sent to Germany to work on a factory. He was only 19 years old when it happened and his family didn’t hear from him until the war was over, four years later. Every time my mom tells me that story I thank God that he wasn’t sent to Auschwitz because my grandfather lived in Warsaw, and Krakow isn’t far from Warsaw. I have been Auschwitz with my parents, and I was trying really hard not to cry, but I when I saw the photos of the poor innocent people, I broke down. I had to walk outside to calm me down.

OH! How I love the Jews! Such a proud people! By the way, I have to say that Hebrew is the most beautiful language in the world. Every time I hear someone speak Hebrew I melt, especially when I am listening at Milim by Harel Skaat.

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