Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Cultural Journey

Sometimes words aren't really necessary - sometimes, pictures are enough. Shmulik is getting married soon. His future wife's family comes from Iran - in Israel, they are referred to as Parsi - or Persian Jews. There is a custom among Parsi (and other Sephardic groups), to hold a henna before the wedding.

On my first trip to Israel, when I was 16, we were taken to a henna for Yemenite Jews. Part of the evening includes spreading a yellow-brown paste on your hand and leaving it for a few minutes - it stains the hand for a bit of time (I'll let you know how long). They explained tonight - if you aren't married, this will help you meet your intended; if you are married, it will increase your livelihood. Whatever the reason or result, it was an amazingly fun evening. Plus, it is always hard to get everyone together and get a picture. We didn't totally succeed, but we got close.

So - a cultural journey, a mixing of traditions tonight - in pictures.


Anonymous said...

OK, I give up on type pad

My 3rd attempt!

Your future DIL is gorgeous. The family pictures are great; you have lovely daughters and handsome sons, and I can almost identify everyone although I've only been reading your blogs a few days!



rungholt said...

Lovely pictures. You must be so proud!

Cara said...

May you be blessed! And Shmulik will now be introduced to more kinds of rice than you ever thought existed :-)

Big warm Sephardi families rock--been married to one for over 25 years!

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