Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Lighter Side of Osama bin Laden's Death

I can't prove that medically humans need to laugh, although I do seem to recall seeing studies that confirm optimistic people live longer than pessimistic ones and people who laugh are generally healthier than people who do not.

But...I believe in laughter - so enjoy some of these Twitter posts I caught today....

  • Osama dead and buried at sea. Gets 72 sturgeons...
  • U.S. Official: Osama bin Laden’s corpse is being handled according to Islamic tradition by specially trained pigs
  • “Dude, we were totally handling Osama according to Islamic tradition, but then wild dogs ran up and ripped off his head. It happens.”
  • They say Osama’s corpse is being handled according to Islamic tradition, but the Koran is silent on him being shoved down a Port-O-Potty
  • There are some reports that Osama’s will declaring he wants to be buried with his favorite pig may have been forged
  • Musharraf: It's Not Acceptable That You Entered Pakistan To Kill The Man We Were Protecting
  • noto worry. prez is about 2 post an official death certificate on the WH site<--signed by Hawaii official!
  • RT @osamainhell Standing and cheering at my death is the most exercise Americans have gotten in years.
  • RT @osamainhell Guess what? I took your civil liberties with me.
  • RT @osamainhell They shouldve captured Bin Laden alive and made him continually go through airport security the rest of his life


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