Tuesday, July 5, 2011

THWACK! ... "Elie!!!!"

We're making dinner together. Davidi and I made the noodles; I cut the onions and cabbage for frying. I asked Elie to cut the frankfurters into small slices. We'll fry the mixture. pile it on top of the noodles, add a sauce, make a salad. Quick, easy, mid-week dinner.


"Elie, don't do that!"

"Why? I didn't cut myself." He says as he carefully positions the frankfurters on the cutting board. He's very careful. He really is - he's also got a lot of strength which, since I didn't defrost the franks first, is needed to get the job done.

Okay....cut. Fry. Cut. Thwack!

Thwack! "Oops!"

"ELIE! That was my FAVORITE cutting board!"

"Now there are two of them," he responds with a grin.

Yeah...great. God, I love that kid!


rutimizrachi said...


jan said...

lol! cute story! Our son will be landing in Israel a week from today for his Aliyah. I wish I could join him, and have the kind of mother/son experiences that you do...enjoy every minute with your precious kids, they grow up way too fast! Jan Rubenstein

ProphetJoe said...

At least Elie knows what to get his mama for Mother's Day!

By the way, Paula, how about some recipes? I'm always curious about "foreign foods". For instance, I've read enough blogs from other Israelis (OK, you're not the *only* Israeli blog I read, but you are my favorite!) that I know a salad in Israel is not (usually) the iceberg lettuce and sliced tomatoes you'd find in America. I'm guessing its more vegetables, correct? And you say you "add a sauce" -- what kind of sauce? Inquiring minds want to know!


P.S.- I'm sure the anti-Semitic types lurking in the shadows will take Elie's actions (of breaking the cutting board) as another indication of Jewish violence in the "Palestinian homeland"... *sigh*

Barbara said...

Could have been worse. Elie could have said, MOM, those were my FAVORITE fingers!

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