Sunday, September 25, 2011

Haven't Been Posting Enough

And I really need to...but it's also late at night. A little while ago, Chaim called. A little after he got out of the army, he took a much deserved vacation to Thailand with friends and then, after a brief time back in Israel, went to spend several months with his family in America.

He's coming back in a bit over a month to begin learning in university here and though I miss him, I feel in my heart he'll be back soon. I'm glad he's with his parents, his sister and his beloved nieces - all of them! And I love hearing that Yaakov told him to go back home to Israel.

I miss Yaakov too. I've never met his daughters and only briefly met his wife.

So during the conversation, Chaim said he was disappointed that I hadn't mentioned him in a while...he's right! He's been away for several weeks...longer even. I've missed him. Chaim and I share a bond that I don't share with my own children. He understands American jokes and culture; while my children were raised here and often don't understand.

He's been sweet - calling me several times over the summer. One of the times, Shmulik was here and took the phone, "when are you coming home?" he asked.

As I moved around the kitchen getting ready for the coming Shabbat, I listened to Shmulik repeat, again and again, "so, when you come HOME...." and "at HOME..." and on and on. It was cute. They spoke in Hebrew - I think Chaim needed the connection to the language and Shmulik is more comfortable in Hebrew anyway.

So - this post is the one I told Chaim I was going to go make...and which I forgot to post. Not posting is really not a good habit!

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ProphetJoe said...

Welcome back!

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