Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tomorrow 2012 - The Spirit of Israel

Yossi Vardi is a combination of every Israel's grandfather and every entrepreneur's model. He is intelligent, forward thinking and funny. He came into a meeting of bloggers, sat down and made himself comfortable and basically said - talk to me. And we did.

Vardi spoke passionately about the spirit of Israel - once seen in the settling of the land, the building of cities and communities, kibbutzim, and farming the land - this spirit has now turned to the hi-tech area, to technology.

He spoke of the many innovations that have come out of Israel and noted how so many of the largest hi-tech companies in the world - Google, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft and more - are all here. He believes Israel should take a pragmatic view of the world and continue to seek peace.

Yossi Vardi remains not just an icon of hi-tech in Israel - but the essence, quiet simply, of a very nice, warm person.

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