Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Red Lines for Iran and Israel

This is going to be my shortest post ever - but it says so much. I wish sincerely, that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton would listen. I wish the UN would listen, the European Union, and so many others. A simple statement by our prime minister - so simple, so accurate:

PM Netanyahu: Those in the international community who refuse to set a red line for Iran have no moral right to set one for Israel.

Yes, absolutely.


George said...

Paula - you are as eloquent as ever.

Batya said...

AMEN! You ought to read Ruthie Blum's book if you haven't.

A Soldier's Mother said...

Thanks, guys....what can I say...Bibi nailed this one. If you can't criticize Iran...don't you DARE talk to us about your red lines.

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