Tuesday, October 9, 2012

55 Rockets and Mortars in a Single Day

Did you hear about it in your local media? If you didn't, please call or write to them and ask them why not?

I want to write about a friend who lives on one side of a village there - while her daughter lives on the other. There was a siren - a Color Red alert - only the mother didn't hear it and so wonders about her daughter and grandchildren on the other side.

I want to write of the sheer terror of hearing a siren and knowing you have no time to freeze - you must run and run fast to shelter.

I want to write what it is like - but I've only ever experienced two such incidents...one where there was an alarm but I never heard the explosion; and one where I heard the explosion but never heard the siren.

I want to write that I know what it is like - two times over - to have your child in the area where you know there are rockets falling but at least I had the knowledge that one was coming home in a matter of days, away from the rockets and the other had a reinforced armored vehicle around him.

I want to write of the anger I feel that there is a ship sailing from Sweden ready to preach to us what we should do for Gaza. I know they will continue to ignore the dozens, even hundreds being killed every day in Syria; they will ignore the terrorist attack on a synagogue in their own country. They will ignore FIFTY-FIVE rockets and mortars...and counting in the last two days.

But what I really want you to do is go to your local media and ask them why you are hearing from me and not from them - about my country being attacked.

Today, as yesterday, there were many rockets fired at Israel - ask your media why they didn't report it. Please!


Anonymous said...

I will certainly write to the paper here in Houston...outrageous that the media ignores such horrific actions by the arabs against the Israelis!!!! Jan

Princess Pana said...

Reposted to Google+ .... Important to make this Internet wide!!

(Will do twitter too!)

Princess Pana said...

Operation Cast Lead II is called for to eject Hamas.

Actually, it's time to take Gaza ... and repopulate Gush Katif. As Eretz Yisrael it would once again bloom as the Garden it once was. And it's all Israel anyways. Why wait?

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