Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sukkot - the Basics and More

Some of the world's strangest, most unique Sukkot (plural of Sukkah) - or parts there of... take a tour and enjoy...

Sukkot - the Basics...

Windy Sukkah - found this on YouTube - it's the sukkah of friends of ours who live nearby. Mitzpe Nevo, our neighborhood in Maale Adumim is known to be very windy - especially in the early evening as the desert winds blow out the heat of the day. And this wasn't even on a stormy day!

Amazing Sukkah decorations from fruit (kind of a waste of food, which brings in another issue), but amazing designs...

A Toy Sukkah:

Kosher Sukkah?
Yup, like everything in our religion, there are "kosher" sukkot and non-kosher ones - here's a really cute video that shows you some of the rules we follow in choosing how we build our sukkot.

This is fun, searching YouTube for fun Sukkot videos. Here's one about our tradition of shaking the lulav and etrog...well, sort of...

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