Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sukkot Continued

Not much to write about - other than to say that we're having a wonderful holiday. This morning, we had a late pancake breakfast in the Sukkah; this evening, we will have a barbecue. It rained during the first evening, as we were sitting outside - we loved it. It wasn't hard rain, but we felt the drops and the blessings that come with rain.

I want to do nothing this week but straighten the house, do little things here and there and just...just enjoy. I love this holiday. I should check the news and see what is happening; what threats there are about us, what dangers lurk in the weeks to come.

Instead, I'll say that we are protected by the Sukkah - all of Israel is a Sukkah - and the roof over our heads is the Hand of God...we could ask for nothing better.

Moadim l'simcha - may it be a holiday of happiness for all.

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