Thursday, March 28, 2013

From the Soldiers of Israel...

I won't translate this word for word - but essentially, as each unit is shown, they announce what unit they are from (Paratroopers, Navy, etc.) and where they are currently stationed - don't worry, nothing more than on the border with Gaza, on the seas, etc. - and then explain that even on this holiday, they are guarding us. They wish us a Happy holiday and toast us with matzo, love and smiles. Happy holiday from the soldiers of Israel to the people of Israel - and happy holiday and stay safe, we love you, from the people of Israel to our sons and daughters, the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces.


Sandy said...

Just join the ranks of "mothers of IDF soldiers" and appreciate your blog more than ever, Paula! Keep up the good work. - Sandy

jan said...

LOVE EACH AND EVERY SOLDIER! May Hashem keep them safe!

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