Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yeah, Country Music

Ever wondered what you'd say to a younger version of yourself once you've gained so much more knowledge, lived so many more years? It's an intriguing thought. I'm tempted to write a letter to myself at 17.

I got the idea from this song, Letter to Me, by Brad Paisley.

Some of the lyrics.... 
If I could write a letter to me
And send it back in time to myself at 17...
When you break up after seven monthsAnd yeah, I know you really liked her and it just don't seem fairBut all I can say is pain like that is fast and it's rareAnd oh, you got so much going for you, going right
But I know at 17 it's hard to see past Friday night
She wasn't right for you and still you feel like there's a knifeSticking out of your back and you're wondering if you'll surviveBut you'll make it through this and you'll see
You're still around to write this letter to me
Each and every time you have a fightJust assume you're wrong and Dad is rightAnd you should really thank Ms. Brinkley, she spends so much extra timeIt's like she sees the diamond underneath and she's polishing you 'till you shine
And oh, you got so much going for you, going right
But I know at 17 it's hard to see past Friday nightTonight's the bonfire rally but you're staying home insteadBecause if you fail algebra, Mom and Dad'll kill you dead
But trust me you'll squeak by and get a C
And you're still around to write this letter to meYou got so much up ahead, you'll make new friendsYou should see your kids and wife
And I'd end by saying have no fearThese are nowhere near the best years of your life...
If I could write a letter to me, to me
What would I write to myself? Amazingly enough, quite a bit of what is above...and more...

  • You're gonna make it to Israel...really.
  • Yes, you'll find the one and you'll marry him and be with him almost 30 years and counting
  • 3 or 4 children? You're gonna have 5...how's that for an idea?
  • You'll survive leaving your high school friends behind, even college friends.
  • You'll find that place - where you fit just right and wonder why you ever doubted it existed.
  • You're stronger than you think...you can survive today and tomorrow...you can....you will...you did.
What would you say to your 17-year-old self?

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