Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, little Adelle

Today is the third birthday of little Adelle Biton - she was critically wounded in a rock attack several weeks ago and her family will celebrate this day in the hospital with her - praying for her recovery. Adelle is still unconscious, still on a respirator.

What should have been a happy, exciting day celebrated in nursery school turns into a day of tears. May God grant her a full and speedy recovery and may she be the last Israeli child hurt by the rocks and missiles of hatred thrown/launched by Arabs who seek our destruction.

Please say a prayer for Adelle and her family - think good thoughts for her recovery. I look into her eyes in this picture and think of how little she is, how beautiful. These are our babies, the children of Israel - we cherish them, we love them and we teach them to choose life. We are all praying that Adelle will be given life - a long one, a happy one.

Dear God, please return Adelle to her family - healthy, whole, and with sparkling eyes that once again light up the hearts and souls of all who see her.

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kalliopevorleserin said...

I will continue to pray for her. I wish I could do more!

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