Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Leaving Israel - from the Air - in Pictures

They say pictures speak a thousand words. As a writer, it's so hard to trust that those 1,000 will be the ones in my heart. Leaving Israel, snapping picture after picture, I realized I was trying to take Israel with me. I have hundreds of pictures of my family...for that matter, I probably have hundreds of pictures of my land on my computer.

But these seemed terribly important for me to capture...and so I did - without words, though the writer in me keeps adding them in my head, wanting to point out - look at the fields, look at the buildings - look what we have built in this land that we love. Israel is truly a land of beauty... but I'll stop now and put those pictures in. Not another word from me ... in this post... really.... I will force myself... I will let myself...let the pictures speak. Listen to them, please - they have so much to tell you - of a land of pride and accomplishment, of incredible beauty and determination and creativity and stop...I'm stopping. This is me stopping...


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jan said...

Israel is a stunning country....I have taken hundreds of photos each time I visit....in April I took 800....everything was in bloom. Honestly, I have never seem such a variety of flowers and colors, it was incredible! I'm going to make a collage just of the flowers...and there were dozens and dozens of different kinds. I've never seen this anywhere else!

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