Sunday, September 22, 2013

Israeli Jets Scramble...

Early this morning, the air force scrambled their jets - taking to the skies over Tel Aviv after suspicious movement was detected. You'll smile after you read this - and think it was a costly mistake - the "suspicious movement" was caused by a flock of birds. Israel is the center of the world...okay, let me rephrase.

Israel is at the center of the migration path between Africa and Europe. Each Spring, the birds fly north to Europe and early in the Autumn, they fly south to Africa to pass the cold months in a warmer climate.

The path they take is over Israel and so twice a year, we are treated to the glory of watching countless species of birds flying in countless numbers over our skies. The jets returned to base; the sky belonged to the birds this blessed day. I love the fact that the jets were scrambled for this. It is yet another sign that they are forever on alert, forever watching our skies. No threat is too small to be taken seriously.

Fly safe - I offer this blessing to our amazing sons, our pilots and navigators and those on the ground who watch over them, and to the birds - see you again in the Spring.

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Findalis said...

Better to be laughed at for a flock of birds than to be sorry for a couple of hijacked airplanes.

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