Thursday, March 13, 2014

And again, moments ago

More incoming missiles sent against several areas. My phone continues to call out - Color Red; Color Red.

Here, I sit, rolling out pizza dough - listening to the rain and Davidi talk to his father. There, they run for their lives; sit in bomb shelters trying to entertain their children and listen for explosions.

No, this will not last forever. We will not accept it. Our tanks are on the border; our artillery units standing by. Our planes are taking to the air - but unlike Gaza, we are not firing indiscriminately at civilian targets. We have hit 29 military targets - rocket launchers, training grounds.

They accuse us of breaking the ceasefire - what ceasefire? In what world is firing dozens of rockets at cities considered reasonable. This time, at least, the world seems to be getting it. Germany, the United States, even the UN General Secretary has condemned Gaza rocket fire.

That leaves only the idiots in the EU who are still condemning Israel for building a few apartments inside our existing cities...while ignoring Syrian human rights violations, Turkish human rights violations - and the rocket fire hitting Israel today and yesterday.

It is raining now - blessings from the Heavens pouring down on Israel...but the missiles from Gaza are also raining down on us. Repeated miracles as each one, one by one, falls in open fields.

May God watch over our people this night and every night.

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John Marsh said...

Sadly this is just not much of a story in the US. I have to look for it...because I am planning to take my family there next year. I do enjoy reading the updates, though.

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