Monday, March 31, 2014

Decision Time

David is facing a decision - and it is one with which I cannot help him. He has to decide between two programs and three destinations. He went for Shabbat, convinced he would choose the other option. Had a nice time with his friends and the program coordinators and is reconsidering.

One option would give him the possibility to be a paramedic...something he wants. But the army has decided that the investment in training is major and so wants to extend the amount of time paramedics must serve well beyond a year over what it is now. Currently 4 years (a year more than most others serve); to 5 years...

Five years for a boy who is only 18 is huge...he isn't sure.

It's a hard choice...boys his age in America are choosing what college they want to attend, where they'll go for the summer, if they'll buy a car. In Israel, they are choosing paths that will change their lives, shape them into the person they will be.

It isn't easy to watch him make this decision - anxious to offer advice, unsure what to say.

He's studying for tests, going to school, working a few hours here and there, taking driving lessons...and making a huge decision.

It isn't easy.


Diane said...

Here in Alabama, my family cares about Israel and her people. Blessings to him as he chooses what to do.


Batya Medad said...

Our kids at this age are really adults. May G-d give him the wisdom he needs and may his decision be a good one for him and Am Yisrael.

Mordechai Y. Scher said...

Back in the 80s, when I was an infantry medic in the IDF, the paramedic course was strictly civilian and a reward for things like signing keva. But there was the 'advanced medic' course, which I was sent to as a miliumnik. I can't tell him about signing on for five years; but I can tell him that no matter what he does later, he will NEVER regret being the best trained medic he can be. Over the years I have continued to work as a volunteer or professional medic, even when I was teaching full time. And it all goes back to those first years, those best days of my life as a medic in Tzahal. There are few specialties in Tzahal that give that kind of continual satisfaction in and out of uniform. Hashem should bless him with much strength and success, whatever he chooses.

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