Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to Start a War

In the last few hours, Gaza has, by its own admission, fired 90 rockets at our cities. Our Iron Dome is in action and has shot down a number of them; and still many have fallen in our cities.

Twice Elie has been called to Gaza - once in a full war that kept him from home for weeks; once for 8 days that kept him from his new wife. Now he is a father but still, if he was called, he would go.

You cannot fire 90 rockets at a country and not expect it to respond.

I don't know if this will lead to a war - everything inside of me says can it? How can they be so stupid...again...

A friend has a young son - I remember him as a boy...he's in the army now, in tanks and on the Gaza border. She's frightened; I know she is. I try to offer her comfort and more, I try to tell her not to listen to others who might tell her that her fear is a sign that she lacks faith.

It isn't; she doesn't.

It's impossible to be a mother and not be so scared for your child - it is impossible at this time, to listen to the sound or rockets hitting your land and not feel such anger.

Stop it, Gaza! Just stop. But they won't, of course. Already they are complaining that we are responding, that our jets are in the air. Where else should they be, but defending our land.

And they are saying that the rockets are inaccurate, that they never hit anything. Such a funny thing, such an absurdity - they seem to think it is their inalienable right to fire at us and since they basically miss most of the time, we are expected not to respond.

Just once can someone please tell them that this is how you start a war - by firing at the civilians in another country.

Yes, I know - never mind - they know this already and still they will fire, won't they?

Tonight, a million Israelis are in bomb shelters while in Gaza, Hamas leaders have taken to their bunkers. Yes, that's what they call them, bunkers, to avoid showing that they are cowards who leave their wives and children out in the open while they hid.

If you hear that Israel is bombing Gaza - and you will likely hear it soon...remember - ninety rockets...ninety missiles - ninety acts of war...


Yonit said...

As the mother of a 17 year old Israeli young man now in NY who will most likely be in the army next year, I can't put my feelings into words. Now I worry about him if he has a fight with his girlfriend. oyy.

Nobody got the number right. The usual nonsense about 'maybe we should'.. ' we can't preclude'.
'taking back Gaza' 'bold steps for peace'..

I never had much patience for this idiocy but having a son involved or about to be involved sure does change your perspective.

littleduckies said...

Sigh. And then they slam us for hitting innocent civilians, when they carelessly left them there.

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