Thursday, March 13, 2014

Perspectives on the Rain and the Missiles

Today and yesterday in Israel were days of heavy rain - something we desperately need here. This winter has been cold but badly lacking in rain - except for a massive storm that hit at the beginning of the winter, bringing a meter of snow to Jerusalem. It was a great start to the winter, but it didn't result in a great winter.

Until this week - for the last two days, it has poured and poured - and with each bit of lightning and thunder, we smile and say thank You, God. It's cold. It's miserable. Thank You, God.

Yesterday and today, our neighbors have rained down missiles on our cities. With the grace and protection of God, there has been damage, but no one has been hurt. Our children went to school today but stayed close to bomb shelters. A few hours ago, as I was test driving a new car - yes, the Honda is being retired and we're getting a new car (I drive tens of thousands of miles a year and the Honda has served us well), my phone started calling out, "Color Red. Color Red. Color Red. Color Red."

Color Red rocket siren sounds in Ashdod and Ashkelon

The man from Mitsubishi looked confused as to where the sound was coming from. I explained about the app on the phone and said, "Why should we go about our lives when they are running to shelter? If they have to hear it, so should be." He asked where he could get the app for this phone.

Barrage of rockets fired toward Ashkelon and Ashdod; Iron Dome apparently intercepts rockets
(10:43 , 03.13.14)

I came home exhausted and decided to rest for a bit. My shoulder is doing so much better - but now I have tennis elbow. I'm a walking advertisement for getting older. I didn't have tennis elbow when I played on the tennis team in Junior High can I have it now?

Color Red rocket siren sounds in Rehovot and Yavne
(10:45 , 03.13.14)

So as I closed my eyes...I heard it again, "Color Red. Color Red. Color Red. Color Red." On and on - someone is firing missiles at my country. A million people are judging lives by the perspective of seconds - they cannot be more than 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds from a bomb shelter.

Two rockets explode in open area between Ashkelon and Ashdod
(10:50 , 03.13.14)

A friend writes that she is worried about her job - she works in a day care center in a town very close to Gaza - how can she move a dozen babies to a bomb shelter in 15 seconds. It is impossible.

Gaza rocket falls in open area in Ashkelon region
(17:34 , 03.13.14)

The day is ending here in Israel, much as it began. Rockets continue from Gaza. The air force is fighting back, hitting dozens of targets.

I'll close with what I wrote yesterday on Facebook. It seems to be all I can say. Twice my son has been called to Gaza to fight against the rockets. They never learn, do they?

And so, if you hear that Israel is bombing the hell out of Gaza tonight and they complain they cannot sleep - know that they started it this day and each day. You cannot fire 90 rockets at one million innocent civilians and expect a country to ignore it.

We will not - and so no, tonight Gaza will not sleep. Our children are in bomb shelters...and where are Gaza's children? Well, here is a hint...Gaza's leaders are hiding in bomb shelters, their children left vulnerable. Tonight - that is their problem, not ours.

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littleduckies said...

Your last paragraphs is so, so, so right.
It should make headlines everywhere.

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