Friday, April 25, 2014

And the War Goes On....

No, thankfully not the one with our neighbors across the borders but rather with the neighbors down the block. I came home after a long day. Started before 5:00 in the morning; full day at a client's site; a trip to the airport to bring Elie back; a trip to the store to finally buy non-Passover things to find this.

The neighbor from a few doors down parked right next to my driveway on one side and his son parked on the other side.

Since the car on the left was partially blocking the driveway, Elie decided to call the police. He has another picture of when the same neighbor couldn't find parking and so ignoring his own EMPTY driveway, he parked partially IN ours. That time, Elie called the police and by the time they showed up 2 hours later, the neighbor had moved.

This time, it was already after 11:00 at night. Elie called the police and they decided that although I can't exit my parking to the left, I can pull straight out, move to the right, and then drive around the block rather than go the shorter distance right up the block. 

The police said they can't do anything because he didn't actually completely block me in. Meaning, if I can get the car in and out, even with difficulty, that's enough.

But as we were talking, the police and Elie and Shmulik and I, I realized that we are a family of volunteers and community activists - my husband volunteers for the police; Elie and Davidi volunteer for the ambulance squad; Shmulik works as a security guard and also is sometimes in charge of security at the mall.

The policeman told me to put my car by the neighbor. I told him that was what started this because the neighbor is insulted that we felt we could put a car there after his tenant put a car in front of our house. We are, apparently, supposed to figure out where to park and only his needs should be considered. His latest tactics seem like bullying to me, mafia-type harassment.

Ultimately, though, I think the ulcer will be his, not mine. And more, there is a justice that prevails and pettiness doesn't help. My car remains here in my garage. They can harass me as long as they want...but one by one, the neighbors are coming to me and asking me why this family is acting this way, why they aren't parking near their own house.

So today, the neighbors across the borders decided to talk nice to each other and in so doing, Fatah shows its truest colors; and the neighbors down the block spend their time walking up so they can prove their point...

Yeah, they proved it...they win...they can be more obnoxious than us; they can be more annoying and can harass people who did nothing to them.

And when all is said and done...yeah, Shabbat is coming and Elie and Lauren and their baby daughter are back in Israel.

The frustration melts away as I think of that; the pettiness becomes funny. It's like the family that sold us this house. They took so many things (against the contract) but when we realized that they had taken the peep hole from the door, pettiness turned to stupidity and humor. I'm fast getting to that point here...I wonder how long they are going to keep parking up the hill to prove their meaningless point...

On the bright side, maybe they'll get some exercise...


Doc Campbell said...

Your approach is probably healthier, both for yourself and for peace in the neighborhood. I, however, tend to be less patient.
I think I'd be inclined to beat them at their own game. That's probably unproductive, but it can be satisfying. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is so interesting because you always talk about the friendly and nice Israeis, that tells you to put a hat on the baby that helps and everybody is happy and friends.... in contrary to the people in Europe an the US.

So, really, you are like the rest of the human population?!

I´m happy to hear that.

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