Monday, April 7, 2014

CNN and Me...

CNN and I have an understanding of sorts. I agree not to watch them, listen to them, visit their site, or read anything they write...and we're good to go.

Whenever I break the rule (I have to admit they thankfully leave me alone), I suffer increased blood pressure, headaches, and general symptoms related to sudden, intense anger. I can't stand CNN. In fact, the only media I can't stand more is BBC.

And yet...BBC did a really decent job with the show on which I appeared.

And yet...CNN did an amazing job reporting on the Israeli field hospital, doctors and Israeli rescue teams in Haiti.

And yet...CNN produced this video of what it is like on the Israeli-Syrian border and more importantly, how quickly long-held misconceptions are falling away as Israel, welcomes Syria's wounded.

(It seems that the video is not available to US viewers - what you see is a CNN reporter on the Israeli-Syrian border - first showing that we can hear and see the fighting from our border). Then, switching to the only field hospital on Syria's Israel, and how we treat wounded Syrians who come seeking aid. We do not question them, we fix them...and then send them back (if they want to go). The CNN reporter shows it as it is...including both his own and the wounded Syrian's amazement at the humanity Israeli shows.)

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