Thursday, April 17, 2014

So...Some Updates

Haven't done this in a, here's where we are at...

Amira and Haim were with us for the Seder. Their son asked the four questions and delighted us all. They invest so much in their son and each time I think a child that age couldn't possibly learn what they want to teach him, he proves me wrong.

Elie will be doing some more Reserve duty in the near future - not sure when or where. I heard something about a day and something about a week. He's in America visiting his in-laws and having fun with his wife and daughter.

Shmulik was asked if he wanted to serve his Reserve duty in the Rabbinical division. What that means, Elie explained, can be gruesome and I'm happy he declined. He's taking a computer management course and I hope it will help him get a good job in high-tech; in the meantime, he has steadily risen in his position as a security guard and now sometimes is in charge of the security of the entire mall when either of two other people aren't there.

Davidi is still on the line between where he wants to go next year. He is leaning towards a new Hesder program that he and the other 39 boys they select would get to shape into an amazing program. He hasn't decided exactly what or where. In the meantime, he continues to volunteer regularly for the ambulance service (MADA - Magen David Adom), is a counselor and one of the senior volunteers in the Jerusalem area.

Aliza has decided to remain in her current school and I couldn't be happier. She's more motivated and hopefully more dedicated. She has yet to understand how smart she is and often backs down. It isn't easy being the youngest and a teenager, but she's making her way through.

My oldest grandchild will turn 3 in about a month - he is sunshine and blessing and I am constantly in awe when I see how much he learns, what he knows, and the essence of the boy inside. He adores his cousin, Elie's daughter, and often speaks to her and want to play with her.

My youngest grandchild is just over 6 months and doing all that she is supposed to do...and more. She started teething early, produced her first two teeth, and smiles with all her body.

Life is good - blessed and wonderful. It won't last, but for now, I have all my children living close by and coming often. I try to focus on now and not think what it will do to me when they choose to move further away. You have to let your children go...either way, they'll go. So, if you let them go, they'll come back to you willingly and with love and never feel they had to break away to develop into the people they need to be.

Overall, internally, it is quiet in Israel. There are many storms on the horizon - there always have been and there always will be. So the best thing of all is to focus on today, and today is good.

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ProphetJoe said...

Blessings to you and your entire family, Paula!

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