Thursday, May 22, 2014

Guest Post: Religion of Hate

This article was posted by a friend on the Times of Israel and then removed. It is sad to see how basic rights - freedom of the press, for example, are being limited for fear of ... of...of what? Reprisal? Bad ratings? Insulting someone? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. This one may not be politically correct, but it certainly is correct.

It is truly sad when the greatest thing people truth.

Religion of Hate

By Rabbi Zev Shandalov

Not a single day goes by--not one--in which we do not see reports of murder and terrorism in the name of Islam. Not a day seems to go by without some declaration or fatwa being issued against infidels.

What was the impetus for the creation of the Department of Homeland Security in the USA? Why is there a need for the TSA to act with extreme precautions in airports in the USA? Why are there counter-terrorism units in all Western countries?

The State Department in the United States lists no less than 49 Islamic terror organizations. Whether the name is Boko Haram or Hamas or Al Qaeda or any of the others on the list, one must realize that there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of people who wake up every day who wish to see Jews dead; gays hanged; female rape victims executed, and desire the imposition of Sharia law around the world. Nothing short of a world-wide Caliphate will satisfy their blood lust.

And all in the name of Islam--a so-called peace-loving religion. A very clear picture of this peace-loving religion can be seen here ( if you have the stomach to read about all of the "activities" they perpetrate.

There are no worldwide protests against all of this for a simple reason: fear. The fear that any public outcry could end with bloodshed--a fear that is NOT unfounded at all. And what of the religious leaders and those saying that Islam is getting a bad rap due to the small minority of those extremists. Why isn't there a document signed by hundreds of Moslem clerics decrying all of this violence in the name of Allah and peace?

There are thankfully some exceptions in the Moslem world: notable Islamic scholar Tahir ul-Qadri spearheads a movement among Muslim intellectuals to rescue their religion from association with the murderous ideology and terrorist practice of Al-Qaeda and its fellow-travellers, who claim a religious basis for their actions. In a 600 page fatwa issued in London, this world-renowned and prolific interpreter of the Quran and Islam, unreservedly attacked terrorism’s claims to be acting in the name of Islam.

Sadly, in place of the world living in fear and awe of G-d, the world lives in fear of Islam.

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