Sunday, May 11, 2014

Want an English Book for Like...Nothing?

English books in Israel - best sellers like Grisham, Patterson, Steele, and well, tons of other names cost a fortune in Israel. If in the States these books cost $10, in Israel, they cost close to $30 (for a paperback)! Why? I can't tell you. It isn't because of the shipping, that's for sure.

So what happens, you buy a book...and read it...and then, you wish you had something else to read?

So a few years back, a friend came up with a brilliant idea. We called it the Book Swap - but it took a while till the swap part became reality. People donated their books - in the hundreds...then in the thousands. They piled up on my stairs, in the entry to my house, outside my friend's front door...

Then, one night, people converged - first time in my backyard - since then, with the amazingly generous contribution of a synagogue's social hall to buy the books for the price of about $1.25 ($3.00 if you didn't donate a book). We made thousands of shekels (and then thousands of dollars) in a single night. And the money our favorite charities - to help first responders, to help children with Downs Syndrome, to help needy families, to help).

We're doing it again - tonight - Pnei Shmuel Synagogue in Maale Adumim - funds will go to four different funds.

Sunday evening, May 11, 2014
7:30-9:30 PM
Social Hall - Pnei Shmuel, Maale Adumim
"The Down Shul" Rechov Mitzpe Nevo 102

We have...ready for this...5,000 books! We're hoping to blow away any and all past revenue so that we can help FOUR amazing charities. If you can come...tonight or tomorrow night - really, come. Tonight books are 5-10 shekels - tomorrow night - ALL books are only 1 NIS - imagine getting top best sellers for only $0.30.

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