Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Country United in Prayer - in 50 Minutes!

Today (6/17/2014) at 1:20 in Israel the entire country is asked to Recite aloud Psalm 121 - this will be broadcast on all the radio stations in the country and abroad for the return of our children

Ya'akov Naftali ben Rachel Devorah

Eyal ben Iris T'shura

Gil'ad Micha'el ben Bat-Galim.

Chapter 121

1. A song of ascents. I lift my eyes to the mountains-from where will my help come?
2. My help will come from the Lord, Maker of heaven and earth.
3. He will not let your foot falter; your guardian does not slumber.
4. Indeed, the Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.
5. The Lord is your guardian; the Lord is your protective shade at your right hand.
6. The sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.
7. The Lord will guard you from all evil; He will guard your soul.
8. The Lord will guard your going and your coming from now and for all time.

Say it in Hebrew...say it in English - please, please - just say it and pray for the return of our boys.

Update: So, from what I can tell, my friend who told me about this was misinformed or the radio stations didn't cooperate. Either way, I know hundreds if not thousands DID say the Psalm hoping, praying for the boys. That alone is a wonderful thing. 

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NormanF said...

What is a wonderful thing is Israel is rediscovering Judaism and faith in G-d which preserved the Jewish nation down through the ages.

Whatever the fate of the three boys turns out to be - and we all pray they're brought back safe and sound to their families - its an illustration good can also come of out of evil.

Israel is finding its greatest source of strength. May it bring the country blessings from Heaven!

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