Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Request to All Americans

I would like to ask my American relatives and friends who voted for Obama to write to him and tell him that three Israeli children have been kidnapped. Maybe he doesn't know it yet...since he hasn't bothered to issue a single word of protest or condemnation.

I want you to tell him that one of the boys - no less deserving than the other two - is an American citizen. Tell him the three boys - two of them only 16 years old, for God's sake, and one of them 19 - were doing nothing but waiting for a ride home.
Midnight prayer rally at Western Wall for kidnapped teens

Tell Obama he has a choice - he can bring the full weight of America's diplomatic power to the front here and now and demand from the new Palestinian government HE recognized...that they get these boys home safe and sound and fast...or there will be a war.

Already the army is making plans, mobilizing, calling up what reserves it needs. Things are being moved in place; we are getting ready. If it will be, it will be Milchemet Mitzvah - an obligatory war because we will not leave our children in the hands of these kidnappers. We will bring them home and God help the Palestinian people if they are harmed. There will be a war to bring these boys home because we will not abandon them.

That's right - a war - you see, we in Israel worship God...but we also worship our children. Maybe worship is the wrong word, but we love them beyond all words and we will not allow this to happen. Three Jewish children were taken - the Palestinians do not fully understand what we will do to get them home. They cannot understand. Any nation willing to send their sons to death cannot comprehend a country that commands its children to live.

We will get our sons home...

We don't want war - but so help us, God - if the US does nothing...we will not stop when the US wakes up and Israel starts to move. You voted for that ...that...God, I can't even type the word - you voted for that man - you put him in office.

Now THREE JEWISH CHILDREN are being held by terrorists and murderers. You in America have as much of a responsibility as we do to get them home safely - so call your congressmen, call your president. Your government tied our hands, demanded we release prisoners, terrorists, murderers. They demanded, and we responded. We did it because we wanted to be seen by the world as doing all we could for peace. We came to the table - they walked away. We spoke of potential solutions; they demanded more prisoners and finally chose to unite with a terrorist leadership in Gaza.

From around the world, we are getting messages of support - from Canada, from Australia. Even, can you imagine - even from the United Nations Secretary General. I find it pathetic that the UN Secretary General has made a statement before Obama (they made theirs at kidnapping + 48 hours).

As for Obama, it's more than 65 hours since it happened. WHERE THE HELL IS OBAMA?

And to my Israeli friends - no, I don't expect Obama to step in and save these boys. We will do all we can to make that happen. OUR sons are looking, searching, listening, doing all we can. Because yes, the future of our people, our nation rests here in Israel. But what we know to be the truth does not change the obligation of every Jew to do what they can to redeem hostages. It is a Biblical command - let's see it happen.

We will bring our boys back. Operation Shuvu Achim - Operation Return our Brothers has begun.

Update: After 75+ hours, John Kerry condemned the kidnappings, on behalf of the US government. Apparently, Obama is still playing golf. The Germans announced that IF it was kidnapping, than they condemn it too...gee, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post and retweeting it. There is also a petition to the White House I blogged about but here is the direct link to the petition:

The lives of three children are at stake and we must do everything we can to secure their safe return!
hug, Israeliminx

Anonymous said...

Paula, we haven't heard from obama yet because he's still in the wait and see mode. He said he'd support the PUGH (Palestinian Unity Govt Horror) and then wait to see how it shakes out. Maybe he doesn't know if a kidnapping of teens is a serious offense yet. Funny, they could be his sons (the white half anyway.

Francine Root-Adler said...

Dear Paula, your email brought tears to my eyes! May Hashem bless you and all the other parents who are suffering with strength. Thank you for call ing on (former) Americans to step up to the plate. I have posted several things on my timeline where this will go. I will share this with all my contacts in several staates and ask them to contact their senators, representatives and Obama. Bless you for offering us another opportunity for achdus,
BTW Up here in the Galil we have a wonen's group who has signed up to say the entire Tehillim for 40 days for you son and his friends safe return. G-d bless

brat said...

The boys and all of Israel have my prayers - and yes, have shared your post far and wide, and put others on it.

Keeping the faith with you all..

Anonymous said...

You'd get a lot more support for the cause if you did not bash the US President, who funded the Iron Dome defense for Israel and has in fact condemned this kidnapping. Stay focused on resolvijg the kidnapping and don't engage in cheap politics.

A Soldier's Mother said...

Dear Anonymous,

No matter how much support I gave the US president, I sincerely doubt we'd get any real support from him. Yes, congratulations, the US did fund part of the deployment costs for the Iron Dome defense system that we developed. And yes, the Secretary of State, some 75 hours AFTER the kidnapping took place, did get around to condemning it. If I had any role in resolving the kidnapping, trust me, I wouldn't be wasting my time writing but alas, this is where I can, hopefully, help the boys. By calling on everyone and anyone to help. And so I do...

Anonymous said...

I will continue to daven for the safe return of these 3 young men. Let me also say that when they come home, I hope they get free medical as well as mental health services.

ProphetJoe said...

Good post, Paula. Since you've been away from US politics for a few years, perhaps you haven't heard of Obama's leadership style. His administration calls it (and I kid you not) "leading from behind". His supporters say it is analogous to a shepherd herding the sheep from the rear. I don't buy that explanation.

Harvey Stelman said...


it doesnt matter what obama says, he never does anything. My mistake, he does take care of Unions, Contributors, Enviornentalists, etc. I've said since lat 2008, out country has made a huge mistake! We are now suffering for it,

Anonymous said...
If you all really care about bringing these poor boys home then stay focused on that please.

ProphetJoe said...

^^ Anonymous -- I did not say Obama called it leading from behind. I said his Administration did. It was sourced as "an anonymous adviser", so technically you are correct. But if you read the story you cited, please explain this quote:

"I hope we can stop talking about a thinly sourced background quote and focus on the president's actual record of decisive leadership on foreign policy," Vietor added.

What "decisive leadership" would that be?

Lesley Davies said...

Thanks for sharing. I pray for the boys safe return as well as the safety of the IDF and peace for their families and all the people of Israel. First time I have really seen the threat of war over this - who could blame Israel for this ? NO ONE !!! Shalom

Anonymous said...

I pray for the safe return of these young children, American, Israelis, Jews, non-Jews, alike! Sadly, your own hatred toward a democratically elected President of the Unite States, for whatever your reason(s), won't help to bring back our children, only place a black cloud over all of the prayers of unity felt and chanted and davened worldwide. If, President of the United States, Obama, went in and retrieved these young boys and walked them t their homeland and into the waiting arms of their worried-sick families, you would still find some sort of hatred to spout about hm. Please try to open your hearts and minds to possibility of positivity, at least for the sake of the boys safe and healthy return. For once, quit trying to blame President Obama for everything!

A Soldier's Mother said...

Dear Anonymous #2 (or whatever),

Thanks for writing. Please allow me to make some corrections:

1. These children are Jews and Israelis. One happens to be an American as well. None of them are not Jewish.

2. I don't hate the democratically-elected President of the United States. I have trouble understanding how America elected him...twice, for God's sake. But hatred is a very powerful emotion - I save it for very special people who have earned it. For all that Obama has tried to do to hurt Israel and destroy the relationship between the US and Israel, it will survive him...both Israel, and the relationship.

3. I'm not really worried about placing a black cloud over "all the prayers of unity felt and changed and davened worldwide. I"m worried about the boys.

4. I promise, if President Obama walks in and retrieves those boys and returns them to his families, I will be the first to thank him. I will even do my best to raise enough funds to take out a FULL PAGE advertisement in the New York Times thanking him.

5. I am not blaming Obama for everything. For example, I blame Hamas for kidnapping the boys. I blame Germany for the ridiculous statement that "IF the boys were kidnapped"...; I blame the French for the anti-Semitism in their midst (and I kind of blame the Jews who live there for staying there and endangering their lives). I blame Yitzchak Rabin for setting this country on a path of division so that world media can blame three teenagers because they were hitchhiking. I could go on, but I guess you got the point.

I do blame Obama for utterly focusing on pressuring Israel while not understanding the complexity of the situation here in the Middle East - and I blame him for the deaths of the American in Benghazi, while we're at it. And I think after five years, he should stop blaming George Bush.

And, I blame American Jews for supporting him despite his ongoing contempt of Israel and our Prime Minister. Guess that's about it...but no, trust me, hatred is a very special emotion reserved for very few. I hate Haman. I hate Amalek. I hate Hitler and the Nazis. I hate Nasrallah. I hate Saeb Erekat because almost every word out of his mouth is a filthy lie. I'm getting to hate Hanin Zoabi because she's just vile.

But I don't hate Obama. I don't hate America or Americans by any means.

Yochanan said...

Anonymous June 16, 2014 at 5:18 AM:

That is hardly a condemnation, If I have ever seen one. Is this not important enough for Obama to take to the podium and pesonally denounce this cruel and inhumane act? Besides, the document is signed by Secretary of State John Kerry and not Mr Obama himself.

Obama has been late several times in making public statements but in all of those instances, Benghazzi and the two shootings on the Army Base, he has come out personally nonetheless. His voice has yet to be heard and its deafening and the Americans in support of Jews and we as a unified nation have taken note of this.

A Soldier's Mother said...

Francine Root-Adler - my sons are home. This is about the three Israeli boys who were kidnapped - but we all consider them our sons. Thank you for your prayers for Gilad, Naftali and Eyal

A Soldier's Mother said...

Thanks for your comment, Yochanan - and you too, Prophet Joe - hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

To everyone else - thanks for your prayers. The families of these boys are feeling the love of the entire nation and so many from abroad as well.

johnus0 said...

The Jews are supposed to be the chosen people, right? Why don't you ask your god for help? As much as I would like to see the boys returned safe and sound, we don't have to forget that you are trying to make an international deal about this, and people are victimized all over the world every day. If you need to get in Palestinian territory to retrieve the teenagers, go and do it. We give you three and one half billion dollars a year to spend as you see it fit. Use that money. As a US citizen, I don't believe we have any obligation with the state of Israel. Good luck.

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