Monday, June 30, 2014

A Rocket Attack: Terror in Real Time

This is reposted with permission from a friend of mine who lives very close to Gaza. She's been living with these rockets for so very long. More, she lives this in real time. I live it in attack plus a few minutes. I don't hear the sirens, the announcement "Color Red. Color Red. Color Red."

Four times in my life I have had to run into a bomb shelter, not knowing if a missile would hit nearby. Once it was in Ashkelon during the Gaza War; three times it was during Operation Pillar of Defense. In Ashkelon, a house nearby suffered a direct hit. Four times in my life...I can't imagine going through this four times in a month, a week, even a single day.

This is what happened...a few hours ago...imagine for a moment, if it was you in the storage room under your house or apartment.

From Esther, who lives in the town of Netivot:
What a royal pain in the bu*t! Those horrible folks in Gaza just threw another rocket into my town, Netivot, Israeli territory since 1948. I was in our storage room under our apt. building where I store the items for my 'poor brides fund.' Suddenly we heard the sound of the shriek. This was the sound of the iron dome which successfully shot down 1 or 2 rockets right above the synagogue across the street from my home.

The siren went off AFTER the iron dome went into action. I am NOT scared- I had to calm down everyone around me; remember to lock my storage room and run up the stairway to relative safety when we heard the BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMS of the rockets being shot down by.

You folks abroad shouldn't know from this crap. This "present" from Gaza is because 15,000 of our soldiers are going from door to door (in over 100 degree heat) in Judea and Samaria looking for 3 kidnapped teenagers who were picked up as hitchikers on their way home from school 16 days ago. Apparently the Chamas and other terrorist groups are unhappy that we are doing this.

Oh, by the way, the folks who did this were terrorists released in previous releases that Israel was forced to make as "gestures of peace."

What peace? With who? People who target civilians and do so from within their own heavily populated areas to try to avoid retaliation? It takes two to tango.

Thank you Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry for our present untenable situation.


Miriam said...

Paula Our house was quiet. My husband and son were watching the news. The dog was sleeping beside me in the computer room.I was at the computer on Facebook. Suddenly the dog started to bark and bark and run around the house in circles. And then I heard a siren not to far away [we are 5 minutes from Netivot]and a couple of very loud booms [the iron dome taking out two missiles]. Our windows vibrated and the floor shook. I looked out the window to see if everything was alright and to my surprise two older women [I didn't know them] probably from the moshav next door were hiding against the wall under the window in my backyard. I invited them to come in, but they were too scared and said they just want to get home. This is our life in the South..Oh by the way we are 9 kms from Gaza.

A Soldier's Mother said...

Miriam (and Esther) - I am so sorry that you have to live with this fear and so upset with the world for allowing it and being so blind. I'm so glad you are safe...even if it is from rocket to rocket and hope that people can understand that even when a rocket "misses" it is always a direct "hit" when it comes to causing fear and terror. Sending hugs and love to you all.

The Israel Link said...

We don't even live near Gaza and my kids are terrorized every time the Tzeva Adom alert goes off on my phone. Imagine the terror in the kids who have to live it.

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