Monday, June 23, 2014

Cruel CNN Reporter Interviews Mother of Naftali Frenkel

Some very insensitive questions...incredibly insensitive. Could he be more cruel? Note how CNN can't even get the label right - his name is Naftali.


miriam said...

Paula, an important posting.

This reporter is known to be very anti Israel and very anti IDF. He was based in Jordan for a long time.

He once lodged a complaint against the action of the IDF.

Mrs. Frenkel, set him straight. All she and the other parents want is for their sons to come home and hug and kiss them.

May we hear good news today.


Hana Levi Julian said...

Well done. Managed very well. The reporter appeared to be badgering at the beginning of the interview, but to a certain extent, that is also his job, as a network journalist, although he could have been more gentle. It is clearly not his style, however; he is probably good in combat situations and I would bet he is also far more used to interviewing those involved in such activities, where those skills are essential. A difficult situation for both. Kol HaKavod, Mrs. Frenkel. You really handled it perfectly and got your message across to the world in a way that was impossible to block.

israeliminx said...

Sadly not surprising --this is CNN after all, and they have a long history of anti-Israel reporting and reporters. Remember when CNN’s Middle East Bureau Chief, Octavia Nasr, praised Hezbollah and an Imam who called for the death of all Jews? Then in 2012 CNN got rid of all of its Jewish Middle Eastern reporters.

Gavriel Bar-Netz said...

I live here in Brazil and I can't view the video. Is there any way I can view it? It is blocked to my country

Cyndi said...

May these innocent,.kind and dear boys be reunited with their loving families. G-d is watching over them. ושבו בנים לגבולם

Cyndi said...

May we share in besurot tovot, please G-d.

Bruce said...

The interview seemed ok and on the mark to me. Where is the cruelty? I don't see it.

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