Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day 17 - Brings Unity and Determination

Seventeen days since every mother's nightmare became reality for three mothers in Israel. Today there was a massive rally in Tel Aviv - tens of thousands of people attended. And what they did - was sing and pray and call for the release of our kidnapped boys.

The parents of the boys were there - and they were touched and overwhelmed by the amazing outpouring of support. Day 17 comes as part of a new week and a new determination. We will not let the boys slip away - not from our lives, not from our efforts.

The Palestinians have raised the level of violence - more rockets in the last few days, more stoning attacks. This is their pattern - they know Israel will respond and when we do, the world will turn its attention to the Palestinians, as perhaps they have done most often in the past. This time, we can only hope they will see this as the manipulation it is - LOOK at what THEY are doing, world, LOOK. They kidnapped our boys; THEY fired rockets that blew up a factory in a town. THEY hold they key to stopping the violence...

The people gathered tonight in Tel Aviv, as they have in Jerusalem - in prayer, in song - demanding that the world pay attention and do all it can to BRING OUR BOYS BACK.

And as the people gathered, heard speeches and sang, six rockets were fired at Israel.

But at the rally, songs, prayers and hope...

One of the songs:  

Guard the World, Child...

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