Monday, June 23, 2014

Day Eleven

After eleven days, the greatest challenge facing the families, I believe, is to maintain faith and hope. The doubts set in, the fear, the worry. They aren't sleeping; they aren't eating. They are praying and reciting Psalms and talking to anyone that will listen.

After eleven days, your heart and brain hurt. You know you have to go on, but in the depths of your heart, you cry all the time.

I went last night again to a prayer meeting here in Maale Adumim. They handed out the same sheet as they did last week. Again I looked at the list of Psalms and prayers and thought to myself, if I can get through the first one, I'll be okay.

This time, I was more bruised than last week (accidents will do that). This time, I sat down more, whereas last time, I stood for the entire time. This time, sadly, we were more organized. This time, we knew what to sing, what to recite silently.

Israeli soldiers are combing through Arab cities, looking, circling, searching and finding weapons and fugitives.

After eleven days...the pressure is showing on the families and the nation.

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