Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day Ten

Ten days since the boys were kidnapped; ten days since their parents spoke to them. Israel continues to pray, to hope. The parents set the tone, that is their right. They have not lost hope - more likely the opposite. Each brief glimpse is of three united couples, determined to see their sons again.

Each message is one of faith and trust. They trust the army and the government of Israel to bring their boys home. They believe that with prayer, miracles will happen.

I was disconnected on Thursday from the news - first by a trip up north for a business appointment, then by a car accident (yeah...). As I waited in the emergency room for endless tests, x-rays, CT, etc. - I thought about the boys and wondered what was happening, if anything.

Friday was a full day of preparing for Shabbat, resting more than I normally do, and a few quick checks on the computer. Nothing. I lit candles and thanked God for the miracle that I received - walking away from a car that was smashed beyond recognition; home with my husband and children. So grateful and so wishing the same could be said of the three - Gilad, Naftali and Eyal.

I said their names in prayer over Shabbat and checked the news. The army is on the move in so many areas. I know personally at least two of the soldiers who are in action now, searching, working. But there are thousands more.

Last night, Israel was again hit with rockets. I hear that Obama has called on Israel to show restraint in its search and response related to the kidnapping. The fury that insensitive request causes is beyond words.

The world has gone crazy. There is no other explanation. We should show restraint?

Day ten...

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