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Haveil Havalim - Blog Carnival


Here's the intro blurb:

Havel Havelim (HH) is the longest running International Jewish blog carnival. A blog carnival is an internet magazine with blog posts as articles. Many, like HH, float from blog to blog. Havel Havelim is posted weekly on various blogs. In recent years, it has been coordinated by the amazing Batya Medad (Shiloh Musings and Me-Ander) and Esser Agaroth) with not enough help from their friends...

That's just my opinion and my feeling guilty that I don't volunteer more often. Batya will tell you that it is a group effort with the friends and support of other bloggers on our facebook page. A wide variety of bloggers share the responsibilities of hosting, and we hope that you'll read, comment and of course share the carnival and the various blog posts included. Getting to know other blogs is what it's all about.


I hope you enjoy this week's round-up. Just to make things clear. These are blog posts. Batya wrote (and I agree):

I don't know many or possibly most of the authors and I may not even agree with what is written. There's lots of food for thought for sure. Some post links were sent to me, and others I chose.

To submit posts, you can use  blog carnival or email the week's host; information on  our facebook page. If you'd like to host an edition, then contact us on facebook or shilohmuse at gmail dot com or esseragaroth at gmail dot com, thanks.

Haveil Havalim 

Some people post links; others divide their postings into general topics such as Israel, religion, politics, etc. - I usually do the second and despite being late and tired, don't want to do the first so I'm going to compromise and find a middle path.

In no particular order and no particular organization, I present a series of posts sent to me or those I have found of interest and highly recommend.

This past week, many of us relived the amazing historical moment when Jerusalem was reunited for the first time in 2,000 under full Israeli sovereignty - but as "It's All from Hashem" reminds us, there were other amazing battles - including the battle to liberate Shechem

If you've followed my story - that of a soldier's mother...there's an amazing blog you'll probably enjoy - the story from the side of a soldier. Follow Aryeh as he writes about coming home to Israel and joining the army. This week, The Soldier's Oath.

There are a couple of blogs that I follow as regularly as I can. Some fill you with sadness; some fill you with such faith and hope for the future. Few do both - often, amazingly at the same time. If you aren't following Ahava Emunah's should be! She writes Mama Bla Blah - and this week went on the radio with life's lessons.

As you may or may not know, I am so not a drinker...but here's a post from Israel Brews and Views for those of you who are...

Remember I said no particular order? Well, here's another blog I've been following for a while - this one involves hope returned after darkness covered everything. Stella's Last Gift - and if you want to be truly happy - read the posts that follow it.

Sticking with the theme of hope...were we sticking with themes? Well, this is a really nice one - an update on Yirmiyahu - who has started to walk!

Meantime, any visit to the store will tell you the wonderful news that Batya shares with us - Apricot season has addition to great information, I'm always amazed by Batya's photographic abilities.

Two other great posts of Batya's touch on politics in Shiloh Musings...take the time to read them!

And speaking of amazing pictures, here are some dating back to the weeks after the Six Day War...posted on Our Shiputzim.

And not to end on a bad note, wanna find a way to avoid paying so much in taxes? Well, here's the latest update on 2014 and the Negative Income Tax.

And finally, I'll include one post that I wrote last week. It was called Explaining Me and I think it did just that.

Final note:

Bloggers and blog fans, are you disappointed that your blog or blogs or your favorite blogs aren't included in this edition?  Well, there are two simple way to solve that painful dilemma.

  1. Just submit the links either via blog carnival or to the weekly host, which you can discover by following our facebook page. If you're really stuck, then email me shilohmuse at gmail dot com with HH as subject.
  2. Volunteer to host an edition instead of standing on the outside and feeling left-out. More information on  our facebook page. Or email me shilohmuse at gmail dot com with "HH hosting" as subject.


  • Havel Havelim is a Jewish blog carnival, so the post must have Jewish or Israeli content. 
  • Posts must not promote any other religion.
  • Posts must not question the legitimacy of the State of Israel. 
  • Posts must be from the previous week or the time since the previous edition of HH, when during Jewish Holidays we skip a week.
  • Posting time is any time except for Shabbat from Friday to Sunday, depending on the convenience of the host.

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Batya Medad said...

Thanks for hosting and including my posts. me-ander: A Soldier's Mother's Havel Havelim

Chag Sameach!

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