Tuesday, June 24, 2014

He's Angrier Than Me!

A car accident means paperwork - lots of paperwork, apparently. The insurance company is doing all it can to pay as little as possible. Gee, AIG, so glad I went with you. We paid extra to cover the options we added to the car - now they don't want to cover that.

One option, which came with the car, but is considered scaled up, are magnesium wheels. The insurance company doesn't know if it will cover that or not. Not nice.

I loved Shmulik's answer, "Fine. If you won't pay for them, we'll take them."

AIG rep: "So you'll leave the car without wheels?"

Shmulik: "You can tow it with a rope for all I care."
The best threat was when he listed all the things we'd added and threatened to take them - including the two broken, smashed windows...that should be interesting. Until now, the insurance company has treated this as - ho, hum, another car accident...stamp here, sign here, send this form. Boring.

The hospital personnel were fine but they see this every day.

The first real reaction came from the policeman I just sat with. I had to give my account - it's interesting how much I don't remember and at one point, the policeman in the next desk turned to me and assured me that it was fine if I didn't remember all the details. Totally natural.

The other driver chose not to go to the hospital. If I don't give them the medical records showing that I went, it will be classified as an accident without injuries and the driver will get off much more lightly for running the red light.

"Don't let this get away with this. You have to give the report," the policeman said. 

I haven't been angry about the accident. I'm so grateful to be fine, if bruised and a bit sore. I'm so grateful that Lazer wasn't in the car, more than I can say. But the policeman is right - luck doesn't give this man the right to have driven through a red light. 

Thank God there wasn't a whole family in the car. Thank God the car slammed into the pole with the back door on the driver's side, and not the driver's door, my door. It was good to see the anger of the policeman and it was nice to be treated so kindly, so respectfully. 

I can't count how many times they told me not to worry. I am fine. I am blessed. 

Even if AIG continues to mess around and play games, no one can take this away from me. I walked away from what could have been a really, really bad accident. 

 Thank you, God, for watching over me, for protecting me, for returning me to my family.

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AMEN!!! Jan

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