Monday, June 2, 2014

Stealing Time

Too often, I feel like I owe my life and times to everyone and everything other than the most important people and tasks. We get overwhelmed with the little and lose the big; we focus on the detail and forget the foundation. When that happens, I try to steal my life back...sometimes it's a few hours; there have been times when it's only a few minutes. This time, I stole four days...or most of them.

My husband and I left Thursday - I wanted it to be Thursday afternoon as soon as possible, but we didn't manage to pack in time, then we had to go back home. Then something else and then something else. Instead of being part way there at 3:01, we were only leaving our house around 7:01.

We drove north - through the Jordan Valley and at first it seems things conspired against us...we came across traffic just as we entered a small Arab the best of times, not really a place you want to get stuck in...

I shut the car down. Why waste gas? Two ambulances - both Arab ambulances went flying past us in the other direction; one Israeli ambulance...and then two army trucks passed us - driving against traffic. A few minutes later, it opened up  - there were so many people and cars - off the road and on the road. No street lights - just a lot of headlights so it was impossible to see what was happening, but who cares - we are moving!

We had made reservations at Villa Rimona ( - where the slogan is "You'll feel so cared for, you won't want to leave." I have to tell you - it's one of the few times I really felt a slogan fit.

But...driving up north, in the dark hours after we wanted to leave, further delayed and feeling almost too tired to go on vacation, we didn't know that yet. We called Shmuel, one of the owners - I had my heart set on dinner in Tiberias (Tiveria) but it meant arriving later than we'd originally planned.

They were wonderful; told us they stay up late and not to worry, everything was ready. So, it was dinner in a lovely restaurant on the shores of the Sea of Galilee...and I could feel the vacation slipping into our bones.

We got to the lovely vacation cottages (called zimmers or tzimmers, in Israel).Here's a picture I took - yeah, that's my computer case on the floor and the knitting bag I brought but  never got around to using. And the jacuzzi we didn't get to either...but the rest was just heaven.

Chana (Shmuel's wife) has an amazing talent for making the most amazing muffins...delivered fresh every morning...and they even provide the recipe!!!

Friday morning over tea, Lazer and I discussed what we wanted to do. I started giving a list of what we could do - and in the voice I love so much, he said, "okay, that's what we could do, but what do you want to do? I can tell you have something in mind."

And I did - we went canoeing. It was wonderful and calming and fun! We met a wonderful couple along the way and just relaxed.

We finished and returned to our private and quiet tzimmer with nothing left to do but rest until it was time to begin the Sabbath.

Shabbat in Yavneal in northern Israel was quiet and peaceful. We took three separate walks exploring different areas. We came across buildings that were over 100 years old - with plaques telling us the historical events that had happened, what the buildings were used for, and more.

Shabbat was wonderful but even more wonderful was not rushing off right after Shabbat ended. Too often the ends of holidays involve a mad rush back to reality. This time, we stole another day, went on yet another hike (separate post), lunch at a nice restaurant, and finally got back home early in the evening.

Lessons learned - steal time whenever you can. And when you steal it - steal it good and right!

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