Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thank God I have a mother who drives me crazy...

Sometimes, you just have to laugh when your children say something.

Aliza called to tell me she wanted to go to her friend's house. It is very hot outside, very hot. I asked her to take a bottle of water with her.

"Ima, I'm going to Shira's house!" Shira lives at the top of the hill- maybe 10 houses away.

"I don't care," I responded. "Please take water with you."

Of all my children, Aliza is the best negotiator. From the time she was little, negotiation was almost an automatic reaction. You can stay up for 30 more minutes...can I stay up for an hour? You can have one cookie...can I have two?

"I'll take a pop-ice with me," she answered, rather than the water.

It really is only 10 houses away..."okay," I answered, "but please don't stay outside. And if you do, make sure you put suntan lotion on."


"I mean it," I said.

To which she responded, "thank God I have a mother who drives me crazy."

Yeah! I agree. We're all a little more sensitive to the idea that the accident could have been so much more serious and so we enjoy the simple fact that I'm here to drive her crazy, to attend Davidi's high school graduation, to just be here.

And the other thing I'll say is that Bibi should really consider hiring Aliza for the next round of negotiations.

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