Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Greatest Truths Against the Worst Lies

This is a guest blog post by Ira Kirschner who is a very wise young man. He lives across the street from me - at least his amazing parents do. He posted this to Facebook and I asked if I could post it here. With much gratitude for his insightful truths...I offer you "a few responses to help you explain the truth about the despicable kidnapping of Israeli teens by Palestinian terrorists"

The Greatest Truths Against the Worst Lies

Lie # 1: "Israel kidnaps thousands of Palestinian kids and tortures them, how is this different?"

False. Israeli soldiers detain Palestinian teens that throw life threatening stones and firebombs at soldiers and civilians. Israeli soldiers follow a chain of command and are accountable for their actions- these teens aren't tortured or killed. If a soldier ever does cross the line, he will be caught, judged and sent to prison.

This isn't '1984' or 'The Matrix'- there are no insane conspiracies.

Lie #  2: "Kidnapping Israelis is a legitimate way to to combat the 'occupation'."

False. It is never legitimate to target civilians. Especially teens. You are conversing with a person who is either antisemitic, hateful or simply stupid.
There is no point in continuing this conversation. Stop wasting your time.

Lie #  3: "I have proof from (antisemitic) news sources that Israel is the worst."

False. No, you don't. Btzelem, breaking the silence, Jewish voice for peace, Mondoweiss and most international media have a biased view of Israel and present warped opinions as facts that have no real ground. Obviously Israeli right wing media isn't a logical alternative for them, but there are neutral news sources out there that work to disprove lies, with concrete evidence (CAMERA, Palestinian media watch and more).

Lie #  4: "Israelis burnt a Palestinian flag and shouted racist slogans."

True. and horrible. and not helpful. and I wish they didn't. But that is nothing compared to the celebrations in the Arab world. The caricatures. The joy at our suffering.

Our minority is out of line. Their majority is out of line. And that is a significant difference.

Lie #  5: "They had to kidnap to raise awareness about their horrible lives under 'occupation'."

False. No, they didn't. Everyone is aware. The world condemns us on a regular basis. We condemn ourselves on a regular basis. No Israeli, left or right wing, is blind to or pleased with Palestinian suffering. Suffering which is mostly due to our attempts to eliminate terrorism, and Arab countries refusing to absorb refugees. Regardless, hurting teens is not a legitimate response to their suffering. This kidnapping isn't supposed to solve the conflict. It happened in order to get bargaining chips that they can use to release terrorists from Israeli prisons. As proven before, Israelis value life and Palestinians value death. One Israeli is worth a thousand Palestinian terrorists.

Continue adding to this by educating yourself- if someone posts something that sounds suspicious- Google it. Consult with Israeli friends. Find the truth. Share it.

#bringbackourboys  #eyalgiladnaftali

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