Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Hug of a Nation

This morning, as they always do, 45 minutes after the hour, the newscaster introduced the sports announcer. And, in doing so, he added, "even though we have more important things on our minds."

The sports announcer agreed, and then continued on with his report. That's the way it is here in Israel today - we have more important things on our minds. More important than work, more important than where we will go on vacation some time in the coming months. More important than breathing, at times. Or so it seems.

I have to remind myself to breathe. The food doesn't taste nearly as good. I'm drinking tea, as I love to do, and wondering what the boys are being given.

Idiots abound on the Internet, in the social media world. They try to deflect what is happening by pointing to the suffering of the poor Palestinians, to the fact that Israel closed the crossings into Gaza today - ignored, of course, are the rockets fired at us yesterday. Details, details.

They remind us that we have arrested young Palestinians - ignoring the fact that those young Palestinians, like, Amjad Awad and Hakim Awad were hunted and caught, tried and convicted of the brutal murder of three Israeli children (including a 3 month old baby) and their parents. These boys of ours were standing waiting for rides, on their way home from school.

They were not throwing stones at passing cars and buses; they were not launching rockets at cities. They were not stabbing anyone; they were not doing anything but trying to get home.

And finally, the Prime Minister's office has issued the latest statement:

ברגע זה אנו מתמקדים בכל המאמצים שלנו להשבת החטופים הביתה. שוחחתי שוב עם המשפ' ואני מוסר להם משולחן הממשלה את החיבוק והעידוד שלנו בשם כל העם

At this moment we are focusing all our efforts on bringing the hostages home. I spoke again with the families and I offered them from the government and from the entire country. our hugs and our encouragement.

I guess that says just about everything. Mass prayers are being said all over Israel....we are all praying the boys return home safely. The hug of a nation...yes, those are just the right words...


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NormanF said...

But what is the price for bringing them home?

Is it going to be the mass release of more terrorists from Israeli prisons? Is Israel is ever going to draw a red line in front of evil?

The Palestinian Arabs are who they are. I don't expect them to ever change. But I expect more of the Jews.

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