Monday, June 9, 2014

To Elie, Congratulations - that's OK, right?

So Elie's birthday was last week - all of 27 he is. A father, a husband. Wow...

I've made him over time - at least one car, a tank, a clown, a bear, a soccer field, assorted other cake shapes. This time, I went with the bought one because time was short and I had a long and tough work-week.

They had this gorgeous looking cake - tons of cream and caramel - what could be bad. I asked the guy at the bakery if he could write on it and he said sure. I said, "Mazel tov, Elie" - he said "l'Elie, mazel tov"? I said fine - probably more correct grammatically, go for it.

He wrote the words on a piece of sugar paste and gently placed it on the cake and in a box. He returned a few minutes later, opened the box and read the words, "L'Elie, Mazel tov. That's okay, right?"

I smiled at him and said, "yes, that's fine" and then turned to Elie who was now standing right next to me and said, "Mazel tov, Elie." Elie grinned.

The guy looked a little hesitant, "Was it a surprise?" he asked.

"Not anymore," I answered.

Happy birthday, Elie - may you go from strength to strength and always be blessed. May you always know that you are so blessed with a wonderful wife and a beautiful daughter and may they be joined by many more. 

May you only know health and happiness all the days of your life and may you live to 120, blessed with all that you need and want in life.

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