Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tracking Our Children - An Israeli App

Davidi told me there is a new application that he can download, if I want him to. When you get on a bus, you press a button indicating that you got in a car or on a bus and your location is tracked by GPS and saved.

If there's a problem, you press an emergency button and it sends a warning to the police and any other numbers you send as it saves your current GPS location.

When you get off, you press that you got off safely. In what world is an application like this needed? Sad to say, in our world. This is just one of many applications that show the reality in Israel. For example, we have programs that track incoming missile warning for residents.

I can't help but wonder what unique applications are created for Palestinians? The angry part of me born of 10 days of worry and anxiety comes up with this list:
  • I Commit Suicide - a special program that lets you press a button and pretend to blow yourself up in your choice of locations. If you don't throw the bomb fast enough, you get blown up. You only get one chance per game.
  • iRocket - lets you launch a rocket at the city of your choice. Extra points for shooting at schools and hospitals.
  • iPlan - lets you select a location, a weapon (options include bombs, bullets, rockets and stones) and targets. Advanced level enables you to target multi-floor locations such as hospitals and hotels.
  • FlingRock - lets you practice throwing rocks at the targets of your choice.
Disclaimer: I don't hate all Arabs and/or Palestinians. I don't believe all are violent. I do believe they have a culture of death and hatred and right now, with Elad, Gilad, and Naftali gone 10 days, I believe we all have the right to our anger.

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