Sunday, June 15, 2014

Well, Obama - Look What Your Allies Just Posted

Fatah is the "military wing" of the Palestinian Authority under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas - the so-called, or should I say Obama-called, moderate leader of the Palestinian people...except those who follow Hamas.

The Israeli government has held off for several hours pointing the blame at Hamas for the kidnapping of three Israeli teens. Just a few hours ago, Prime Minister Netanyahu took to the airwaves and announced that Israel had evidence that Hamas was behind the kidnapping. We don't actually need the evidence - they've made it very clear that they want their members to kidnap Israeli citizens and/or soldiers. It really doesn't matter - anyone they can get.

Well, the cowards got three boys. And now, beyond the fireworks and sweets being handed out in the streets of Gaza and other Palestinian areas, is this cartoon. 

Seems to be a clear confession, if you ask me. More than that - notice the Jewish stars on the backs of the mice/rats, whatever? Gee, seems a decent example of anti-Semitism to me, no?

But most amazing of all - is just a short time ago, John Kerry blamed us for not being willing to continue negotiating with Fatah now that it had jumped into bed with Hamas. 

Seems to me, John Kerry has a lot of explaining to do. I guess, given that the US still hasn't made an official announcement demanding the release of our boys, that John is still studying the situation.

Or, maybe he's taking a nap.


ProphetJoe said...

I thought derogatory cartoon were punishable by death in the 21st Century.

My bad, that doesn't apply to the "Religion of Peace"...

Anonymous said...

Dore Gold, President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, appeared on Fox News and BBC where he emphasized that the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers is a direct result of the newly unified Fatah-Hamas government that Abbas entered into. See Gold's interviews at and

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