Monday, June 30, 2014

What A Child Should Never Know

From a friend who lives very close to Gaza...thank you, Devorah, for sharing your life with those who are trying so hard to understand what it is like to live under the threat of constant missile attack.

Devorah wrote:
The principal of one of the schools in Eshkol is being interviewed. She is telling us how the teachers are waiting by the bus stops and running with the children for safety into the protected classrooms. The children "are used to the sirens and know how to react" she calmly stated.

How sad that this is how Israeli children living in their homeland have to spend their last day of school.

And what will be during the summer?
The children know how to this to a post I made in 2009, during the Gaza war. Aliza was 9 years old and by mistake, the Home Command issued an alert for the Jerusalem - Beit Shemesh area, including our home and Aliza's school, instead of Beer Sheva. I don't know the mechanics of how the mistake was made, but this was the result: A Child's Alarm.

Years ago, the words that broke my heart (spoken by my daughter) were: "It was so scary the siren. I wasn't ready for it." And now my heart breaks again because in Southern Israel, the children are ready for it.

Back in 2009, Aliza's reported on the mistaken alarm:

"It was so scary. It was me and two girls and they were crying. I wasn't supposed to be there. I was supposed to go to the other room. So I just ran to a different one and then the teacher closed the door so fast. He was so worried, he didn't know what to do. And then the teacher was going to the different rooms. And I kept telling the other girls to stop crying and I just told them it was an exercise because I didn't want them to cry and cry and cry. I didn't know it was an exercise, but I just told them. And then the teacher said we could go out. And than Naama cried because she has two cousins that live in Ashdod and she was crying.

"We had tons of kids that cried. Even Rena cried even though she doesn't cry every time. It was so scary the siren. I wasn't ready for it.

"They said it was supposed to be in Beersheva but instead they did our school. But the city did it as a mistake to our school and Jerusalem and not Beersheva. It was scary. Like suddenly - wee--ooo, wee-ooo. And Tehilla didn't know what it was because in America they don't have this. And we did an exercise, but it wasn't a real siren and now it was. And so I told Tehilla, 'just come'."

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