Friday, June 13, 2014

When a Picture Brings a Tear

Did you ever look at a picture and have the tears start rolling down your face? It doesn't happen often, but it just did. The story is posted on Israel National News - the title warns you in advance..."Soldiers Salute Holocaust Survivors at Kotel Bar Mitzvah".

The article explains that these are survivors that are currently in mental health hospitals in Israel. They were taken to the Kotel as part of a Bar Mitzvah ceremony - normally held when a boy turns 13. Obviously, when these men were 13, they were either in the midst of the Holocaust, or had already survived it. Somehow, this rite of passage for every Jewish boy was lost to them...until now.

And if just having the ceremony were not enough - imagine young Jewish soldiers - the epitome of Jewish strength and pride, saluting the survivors as they passed them.

The world hasn't really changed much since the 1940s. Jews are still being attacked in Europe; synagogues and cemeteries being defaced.

Such anti-Semitism - four murdered in Belgium; young Jewish men beaten from France to Russia. The signs are all there - but this time, there's a difference - and that difference stood in front of the survivors of the Holocaust. Each one a promise that the past will never be the future; that we'll keep them safe, even if we weren't here last time.

I can barely look at the picture without imaging what the Holocaust survivors must have felt - such pride, such gratitude.

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Cindy said...

A very powerful picture.

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