Monday, June 30, 2014

Words from Israelis on the Front Line

Today, the Gaza area is once again Israel's "hottest" fronts - which is quite a thing to say, considering that we are currently experiencing a major heat wave.

Better than any words I could write to explain what life is like there...are notes I am getting from friends. Here are some of them - please share this and if you leave a note, I'll make sure my friends get it.

From Friend # 1
I tried to take a walk with my daughter and dog to the bus stop this morning. We left the house at 6:55, got about 200 meters down the path and heard the sound of two rockets being launched. As we are so close, we hear the launch, the alarm and then the sound of the ground being punched. We ran, me with two bags of rubbish, the dog's lead (dog attached) and DD. We made it to the patio entrance of one of houses on the kibbutz where we waited for the sound of the rocket landing. We heard the ground being punched and then went back home. Needless to say I forgot to throw the rubbish out.
 From Friend # 2

For those of you that know where my kids go to school,that's where the kassam rocket landed earlier this morning. It landed in the yard of an elderly couple that are now being treated for shock. My kids are supposed to be having a fun last day of school filled with outdoor activities....It's not happening! In the yeshiva on the same yishuv, the 11th grade students are writing a physics bagrut (exam). How are they supposed to concentrate while running for cover?

Someone.....answer me.....please.

Someone answer me, please...

What words can I offer while I sit here in my office about an hour's drive away. Safe, secure, and agonizing while they are there, while their children are there. How are children taking a matriculation exam in a subject like Physics supposed to concentrate?

I just saw a video taken by a field worker...he heard the whine of the incoming missile and tried to videotape it...he was low to the ground - he had no chance in the 10 seconds allocated him to run anywhere so he was in the safest possible position available. The whine got louder, you hear the loud boom, and even knowing the sound was coming, the missile was approaching, he lost his grip on the camera. Every day now...someone answer them, please.

Why must they live this way? What right do the Palestinians have to attack one million people who are doing nothing to harm them? If they would spend half the resources they waste on tunnels, explosives and missiles, they could live a good life. If they would take care of their homes and fix their sewer system instead of allowing the raw sewage to pollute the once beautiful beaches, they took could have beautiful communities and a prosperous land.

What right do they have to harm others? None...just none.

They have no right to shoot rockets at our cities, no right to terrorize our children, no right to kidnap our boys.

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Esther Revivo said...

I live in Netivot and would truly like EVERY Knesset member to be forced to live at least 6 weeks in the Eshkol area where rockets rain down daily before they take office.

Then THEIR children will start bedwetting at age 9; their kids will insist on sleeping in their beds and their wives will be on xanax.Their daily lives will no longer be serene as they were in Herzelyia Pituach or wherever.....

What will be gained? Well the idiot left wingers among them might just learn something.And ALL of them will learn that there is no such thing as "Thankfully, NO damage was done"even when rockets fall on empty fields near a yishuv. It is terrifying when it happens on a regular basis!

Maybe those 6 weeks will give them the guts to finally stand up to international pressure and begin acting in Israel's best interests instead of what Bankeemoon or Obamakerry want!!!

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