Friday, July 11, 2014

A Message to Israel

This is one of the three Azrieli towers in Tel Aviv - huge buildings - creatively built in a circle, triangle, and square. Since 2001, whenever I have a meeting there, high up in one of the  top floors with the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea, I think of September 11 and the horrible thought that a plane could so easily hit one of these towers.

Every day of the year, the Azrieli towers represent innovation, hi-tech advancements - the center of business and finance and a huge amount of activity.

And last night, it sent a message of comfort to Israel:

Shema Yisrael - Hear, Israel! The Lord, our God, is one.

That is the message of Israel - we brought to the world the knowledge that there is a God above gods, that He is one.

God has protected the land and people of Israel from about 500 rockets in less than 4 days.

Each time I write this, I am so afraid I am tempting fate but God has protected us - not a single death has occurred, though there is damage and some injuries.

This is NOT because the Arabs are not trying - trust me, around the clock, they are trying. They have hit....

Incoming rocket now...God, the irony of the timing of this one....

They have hit houses and, highways...and we, with the help of God (and the Iron Dome, which is, I believe, His messenger in all of this), we have stopped the rockets that might have caused the most damage.

One SCUD missile killed 99 American soldiers. Forty SCUD missiles killed 2,000 people in Iran. Thirty-nine SCUD missiles in Israel destroyed buildings and one man died - of a heart attack.

Four hundred missiles...and God has sent us miracle after miracle after miracle.

Shabbat is coming soon - if we will have no peace with our neighbors, we will have peace among ourselves. Shabbat shalom - may it come in peace and may we all be blessed with life, with safety.

Thank you, Hashem, for your blessings this day and every day.

Hear, Israel! The Lord, our God, is One!


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Continuing to pray for you all....with love and faith...

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