Sunday, July 13, 2014

A View from Inside Israel

My Facebook feed is filled with thoughts and emotions; words of friends in and around the country that should be shared. Outside of Israel, too many don't even realize that in 6 days, we have been hit by over 800 rockets. Whole barrages have been fired at major population centers - Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Beersheva, Haifa.

We've had rockets fired from Gaza and from Lebanon. Israel is, at this moment, a nation at war and yet we are expected to conduct this war carefully while the Palestinians continue to fire randomly at everything south of Haifa and north of Eilat. Five million people are being bombed.

Why, asked the BBC radio in an interview they told me would be non-political, why have no Israelis been killed while more than 100 Palestinians have?

Two thirds of the Palestinian casualties are combatants. Read that again - Nearly 70 of the 100 were commanders of rocket firing crews, terrorist leaders, and men in the midst of firing rockets when they were neutralized. Yes, neutralized - that is what you do to a threat.

And of the other 30, the so-called innocents? How many of them chose to go back into a building upon which we had just fired a warning shot to get them to leave? How many went back in to protect the home of a Hamas terrorist? That make them stupid, not innocent.

And why, I asked BBC, why don't Palestinians build bomb shelters. It's right there in the tape they aired - "We put our people in bomb shelters; they put their leaders in bunkers." THAT is why they have so many dead.

This is all bottled inside me, waiting to come out, but what I want to do is share the words of others...see the next few posts. This is my inside I'll post the others...

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