Sunday, July 27, 2014

ABC Fails to Report the News

In today's world of social media, anyone can report the news and usually faster than most journalists. People on the ground will tell you what is happening from the moment it happens; who needs a journalist to just report what others have already said.

We here in Israel know that the ceasefire has collapsed. It collapsed because Hamas broke it by firing rockets.  If the only thing that a journalist has to report is that the ceasefire has collapsed, why bother? We're way ahead of you on that one, ABC.

So what does a journalist have to offer in this world of instant news created onsite by non-journalists - citizen journalists, if you will. The answer should be perspective. The answer should be insight. The answer should never be inaccuracies and it should never be the agenda of the media itself.

Sadly, that is what is happening repeatedly in this war. News agencies are showing their preference and that is to report (usually misreport) the sensational.

Yes, Israel announced that it was resuming attacks, but the second part of ABC's tweet is malicious and inaccurate. No, our resuming attacks on Gaza was a direct result of Gaza's "resuming" attacks on us during a ceasefire. That action - GAZA firing on Israeli cities, ended the temporary ceasefire.

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