Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ben-Dror Yemini - What the Heck?

Ben-Dror Yemini writes in a YNET opinion article: "Those who carried out the attack wanted to act not just against Israel. They wanted to act against the calm as well, against the cooperation, against the PA. They sought to inflame the situation. There is no need to give them what they want."

I, wait, I don't see. So, let's start with this sentence by sentence...
Those who carried out the attack wanted to act not just against Israel.
Well, the good news here is that I agree with you. They wanted to kill Jews so, in that sense you are correct, it wasn't just about hurting Israel, it was about murdering Jews, as it always has been for centuries and centuries. Oh, and it was about extreme cowardice. You see, it is so much easier to attack unarmed children than to fight like men, to face an armed soldier (although they do try that occasionally... and end up dead).
They wanted to act against the calm as well, against the cooperation, against the PA.
What calm would that be? Well, wait, if you ignore more than a dozen rock throwing incidents daily, almost daily rocket attacks, the occasional attempt to stab someone, and weekly rioting, I guess you could refer to the situation as calm. (Um...not). If you can ignore the murder of Israeli citizens (tell me, does the murder of a father of 5 represent calm to you?). Please, open your eyes - there has been no calm. I hate the term "relative" calm. Relative to what? Relative to an all out war? Maybe. Relative to what citizens in most countries experience daily? Not even close.

What cooperation would that be, Ben-Dror? Did you happen to notice that our...choke...choke...choke...peace partners just signed an agreement to join in a unity government with Hamas?

Against the PA? Ah, well, at least we have some progress here - by this, I can hope you mean Hamas. If so, it is already a huge step forward. I have seen several left-wingers even refuse to admit it was a Hamas operation.
They sought to inflame the situation.
 On this point, we agree. THEY therefore, if the "situation" as you refer to it, gets inflamed, does that mean you and the world will recognized that it was THEY who sought this, not us. It was THEM, not Israel?
There is no need to give them what they want.
There are so many things to say about this single line. The way you meant it, that means we should just move on after the murder of three children. The nasty part of me wants to say I guess that's easy for you because it wasn't your child. The part of me that is struggling to make a point beyond just feeling sick about your words, would like to point out that this isn't about them anymore. This is now about us, about protecting our children - our CHILDREN.

If we bring the ceiling down on them - maybe, maybe, maybe, they will think twice about attempting to take a shot at our CHILDREN again. If they know the earth will shake if they dare, DARE, to touch our children, maybe they will stop being cowards and choose peace or war. Either one - peace which is good for all of us, or war that will settle this once and for all. All out war - winner takes all, loser goes sniveling back to their Arab brothers...yeah, I'm confident in a real war, Israel could (not would, but could) flatten them - and you know what, they are confident about it too.

The other way to interpret your last sentence works for me - there is no reason to give them what they want. Thank you, finally, for explaining and justifying the entire right wing position. We agree - they want Jerusalem...they can't have it. They want Israel...they won't get it. They want to murder Jews and Israelis, we won't let them.

Ben-Dror Yemini - you also wrote "Mahmoud Abbas' PA has proven itself." In what way? What has he done? What has he delivered? Unless you mean from the Arab side - in that case, he has succeeded in getting Israel to release terrorists and murderers in exchange for absolutely nothing.

Wake up, Mr. Yemini - wake up before another Israeli child dies.

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NormanF said...

I read it and I was disgusted.

The Israeli elite - the branja - remain insulated from the reality in the country.

Its not their children who were murdered. So they can lecture other Israelis to maintain a calm that has never existed.

Ben-Dror Yemini and his ilk don't get it. Its not about revenge. Its about ensuring the safety of Israel's children. A civilized country owes them that much.

And if the Arabs don't want to play by the rules - Israel has to act. Before another Jewish child gets murdered.

The Arabs feel no guilt over what they do. But they can shamed into recognizing that killing Jews will harm their own standing with their family, their clan and their people.

Israel must exact from them a price high enough that they won't dare to do it again. Showing weakness in front of the Arabs only reinforces the contempt with which they hold the dhimmi Jews. Fear is far more powerful than love.

What the Jews need is to be feared. Yemini does not understand human nature -least of all that of the Arabs. The rules of the game need to change in Israel. Or what happened a few weeks ago will happen again.

This is what needs to be done - not some prattle about a meaningless calm that has never existed in Israel. Yemini should know above all true peace is not simply the absence of violence but peace between man and G-d, peace between man and nature and peace between men. We're far away from it.

Until that day dawns, Israel will have to protect itself from those who seek to kill its people and who plot its destruction. That is the reality of the Middle East. Whether or not Yemini and the Israeli elite come to terms with it is not something for them to airily dismiss; it has been brought home to every family in Israel.

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